Reasons for Moving to Canada from USA

Reasons for Moving to Canada from USA

Are you struggling to pick a side in the love-hate relationship between the two largest nations of North America? It becomes especially interesting when you’re weighing the pros and cons in terms of livability in Canada and the US. Both countries are successful when we look at the big picture, but when we take a look at the quality of life, Canada might be ahead. Of course, it all comes down to preference, but if you’re reading this article, chances are you’re already thinking of moving to Canada. So, let’s look at some of the reasons to write in your pro’s section!

Moving to Canada for the education

The first topic we’ll cover is schooling, as it forms the basis for future generations. Even though US colleges may be more popular, Canada has renowned Universities as well. The best part about Canada’s education, however, is that here it is considered more a right than a privilege. In order to distinguish education in Canada from the US, we have to look at the funding system too. In general, the Canadian government spends more per capita on education than the US, yet education here costs less. With this in mind, if you’re moving to Canada to study or want to make sure your children have a good education, this is the right place. Then, there’s an overall more relaxed attitude and less competition regarding the application process. Conversely, US education usually comes with tremendous pressure because of standardized testing.

All things considered, you’ll find that education is both more affordable and also more accessible in Canada. The US may still be the official Holy Grail of education, but Canadians are catching up fast!

students graduating from college

Better healthcare

But education isn’t the only basic right. Another, maybe more important one is healthcare, and it shouldn’t be considered a luxury. Everyone knows how many hoops you have to jump through to get health insurance in the US, let alone use it. On the other hand, Canada’s got universal health care, meaning that it’s funded by government taxes. This makes retiring much easier here since you won’t have to plan healthcare costs like in the US. The healthcare system here is among the fairest and most accessible ones in the world. In fact, it’s one of the top reasons why US folks are moving to Canada, and why Canadians want to stay in their homeland.

And you know what’s interesting about the comparison of these two healthcare systems? The costs per person are half as much in Canada than in the US! Not to mention that everyone here is covered since you get a health care card when you are born. Of course, this doesn’t mean that Medicare doesn’t have its flaws. There are many things that need fixing, but it’s a fact that the Canadian system is a model for other countries to follow, including the US.

medical equipment

A slower pace of life

If you’re tired of America’s rat race and the hectic lifestyle, Canada’s nature is definitely the antidote. Thankfully, we live in times when relocation is as easy as finding a reliable moving company like All Season Movers. Here you’ll find 10 million square kilometers of the breathtaking countryside – impressive, right? It’s a perfect country for sports enthusiasts – everything from skiing, kayaking, and hiking to whale watching can be found here.

In general, Canada’s pace of life is more relaxed compared to the US. The beautiful scenery is surrounding you all the time, making it easier to get away whenever you want. Not only that but here a relatively small population of 35 million is spread across a vast area. This also makes it much less crowded, so there’s plenty of room and affordable housing for everyone. The summer months are especially inviting people to stay outside – BBQs, picnics and numerous sporting activities are available for free or for a small price. All you need is to find a real estate agent when you move to a new state like Canada and you’re good to go!

Canada’s more immigrant-friendly

It’s no secret that Trump’s anti-immigration policies are making immigrants look for a new place to call home. The vast majority of them are considering moving to Canada, as the closest alternative. If you’re among them, know that you can transport your items to another country or continent with ease. Canada has always been welcoming towards immigrants, so you’ll feel at home in this multi-national country. Indeed, around 20% of Canada’s citizens are not natives, while half of Toronto’s residents are immigrants. As you can see, Canada is very accepting of new arrivals. Of course, as with any other country, some provinces are more welcoming than others. But the big picture is still satisfactory, at least if you are comparing it with US policies.

Before you become a citizen, you’ll need to go through a detailed procedure for a visa in Canada. Still, In general, you’ll see that the US visa will make it easier for you to be granted the Canadian one as well.

passports from different nations from immigrants moving to Canada

A sense of safety

Living in a secure environment is definitely something we all strive for. Still, it’s rarely something we have control over. For example, a rise in terrorism which we are seeing in the US is worrying many citizens. Overall, when we look at the statistics, the US rate of murder-per-capita is five times larger than that of Canada. In the past year, only 1.31 percent of Canadians reported that they were assaulted. Of course, this doesn’t mean that it’s a crime-free paradise, but much less so than in the US. When it comes to gun ownership, it is four-time lower in Canada. This is mostly because Canadians simply feel safer, but also because getting a license is a bit complicated here. Moving to Canada means living somewhere where violence is not a norm. How’s that for some peace of mind?

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