Your Screen Replacement Prayers Have Been Answered by iDemiGods

Your Screen Replacement Prayers Have Been Answered by iDemiGods

The word “shattered” certainly doesn’t have many positive connotations. In fact, the very word is enough to strike fear into the common man’s heart. Shattered relationships, shattered dreams, shattered china: it’s almost enough to make you cry. But even worse than those is a shattered smartphone screen; this sordid possibility becomes a sordid reality for people all over the globe each day. Even with every precaution taken, with the nimblest of fingers and the most futuristic armor-plated cases, your iPhone screen is only four feet away from its potential demise.

Should this ever happen to you, you’ll be left facing a barrage of unsavory questions, especially if you never purchased a warranty or if your warranty ran out long ago. Should you replace your smartphone entirely? If you have a newer smartphone this could cost you an arm and a leg. You could buy a refurbished smartphone, but then you run the risk of purchasing a product with unknown defects. If you have an older smartphone, it might be nearly impossible to find a replacement. Even if you aren’t looking to purchase a newer smartphone, you might be forced to. The other option is taking your smartphone to a licensed store or third-party repairer to see if they can fix it. This option is cheaper, but still might not be the cheapest or best option to deal with your shattered screen.

Luckily, it’s not all doom and gloom for you and your iPhone. At iDemiGods, we offer you a better way of dealing with your damaged and aging electronic devices. We sell iDevice parts straight to customers like you. No longer do you have to rely on third parties to help you fix your smartphone. That means you can get back to live-tweeting your favorite TV show and Instagraming any food that comes on a square plate. iDemiGods carries a wide variety of components for iPhones, iPads, and even some Samsung devices. Whether you’re in the market for Iphone 6 Screen Parts, a battery for your 4th generation iPad, or a click wheel for your iPod classic, iDemiGods has you covered.

Maybe you’re still on the fence about trying to fix your own iPhone. “It’s so small and complex,” you lament. While that’s true, and the inner workings of most electronic devices might as well be magic to most of us, iDemiGods has the tools you need to tackle any iPhone or tablet repair. Some of our products even come with a simple-to-use eight-piece toolkit for your convenience. A few moments and online tutorials later and you’ll be ready to take on whatever issue you’re facing. In this age of information, anyone can learn to repair their own smartphone. And after seeing the money you’ve saved by doing so, you’ll never go back to settling for the huge mark-ups of third-party repairers.

Sometimes your phone doesn’t suffer a tragic fall or find itself submerged in a toilet. Sometimes a phone is stalwart, dependable, and seemingly unbreakable. But even these phones aren’t immune from the slow decay that every battery sustains over time. Anyone who has used an iPhone over the course of a few years has noticed how quickly it dies compared to when it was first bought. That’s what makes replacement batteries such a revelation. Suddenly your iPhone is making it through the day with ease. No longer do you have to carry your charger everywhere, terrified of the sudden death of your battery. We carry batteries for the latest is and as far back as the iPhone 3G.

iDemiGods has been in the business of distributing parts for over a decade. In that time we’ve only gotten better at our job. Stop by our website to browse our vast selection of components. Whether you need iPhone 6 screen parts or just a simple battery replacement, iDemiGods has the parts you need at the price you want!

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