Smoking Weed vs Vaping Weed

Smoking Weed vs Vaping Weed

Does the weed vape experience trump the flower and bong experience? Well, the decision is very personal. If you’re curious, perhaps you should weigh the differences.

Vaping Weed

Go to any head shop in a legal state and you will be overrun with choices. From purchasing the e-cigarette to the many flavors of vape juice, there is a seemingly endless variety. This is where your journey begins

  • Your vape pen might take some getting used to. Most are pretty straightforward in the way that they work (adjust the temperature, hold the button and smoke), but if you bought a pen with additional features you’ll want to read the instructions and work out the kinks ahead of time. You don’t want to waste your precious THC on bad puffs!
  • Like traditional smoking, you are able to pick between strains (indica, sativa or a hybrid of both). The difference is that when you take a puff of the vape juice, it won’t necessarily smell or taste like marijuana. You can find weed vape juice in a variety of flavors, including flavors like cotton candy, strawberry, lemon meringue pie or Belgian cocoa!
  • Depending on what you choose and how potent your strain is, the vape pen can result in a high. Push the button, breathe in and let the juice do its magic.
  • The price of the oil will vary. You can expect to pay anywhere from $25 to $40. Again, it all depends on what and how much you’re buying.

Smoking Weed

Tried, tested and true, the oldest way of getting marijuana into your system is crumbling up the flower and smoking it from a pipe or a bong. Some might argue that this is the only way to smoke. You make the decision.

  • Buying weed from a head shop is an experience in itself. Your budtender is more often than not very happy to talk to you about new strains of flower and keep you updated on the local growers. You can’t open the jars, but you can examine them and look at them under a light.
  • The smell and taste of marijuana are unmistakable. The moment you open the jar and break up the bud, you know what to expect.
  • A clean smoking device like chillum pipe is the best for smoking. Your accessories should be well-maintained for the best high.
  • The prices of the flower are much the same as oil, but the state taxes from a dispensary can up the cost quite a bit.

If you’re a purist who thinks that nothing will ever top the traditional way method for smoking marijuana, then maybe vaping isn’t for you. Know the differences and decide for yourself.

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