Steps To Help Your Child Move Out – NYC edition

Steps To Help Your Child Move Out – NYC edition

Moving out of a family home is a normal part of life. It can be very difficult for parents but remember that you were in that position too. Help your child move out of your family home in NYC. Most kids move out because of college, but it is not always the case.

Handle a relocation together with your kid and it will be easier and faster. No matter what the reason is moving, a guide will help you deal with it, especially emotionally. Most parents get frustrated and sad, even depressed.

Is it time for your child to move out?

If your kid is not going to college, or he/she moved in after college, what is the next step?

  • Be objective and determine if your kid is taking advantage of free-living in NYC. If you are single, being a single parent is not easy but you must be strong.
  • Make a list of why your child should move out. If your kid doesn’t want to move out, have a serious talk about independent life without mom and dad.

You should know where is enough and be ready to set boundaries. Your child is now an adult and responsible for yourself. You did your job. It is hard to make this decision, but it is a must, for their own good.

A father and son walking along railway

Your little child is now an adult and it is time to leave your nest. Help your kid with that and be supportive

How to help your child move out of your home?

Do you need a guide to help your child move out? Don’t worry, you are not the only one freaking out at this moment. Almost every parent is stressed out, especially if they need to organize a last-minute move for their kid.

Find a new home together

The first step for your child is to find a home. To help your child move out, start looking for a new home. NYC may be too expensive, but there are many different cities near that are way more affordable. Housing is the biggest cost in NYC, especially in Manhattan. Maybe it is not the best option for their new apartment unless he/she can afford it.

Also, finding a roommate may be necessary. Where your kid will move depends on many different factors. If your kid has a job offer in NYC, it may be an option. But competition is strong, and many young people are moving out of NYC.

Graphic - A faceless woman holds a drawing of a house

Finding a home in NYC may be difficult and expensive, so prepare a child to be ready for compromises

Help him/her pack

After finding an apartment (and a roommate if needed), it is time to pack moving boxes. Help your child move out by helping him/her pack. Collect enough moving boxes and let your child separate all the things he or she want to move.  You can save money by packing by yourself and finding free cardboard boxes. For example, in supermarkets, bars, local stores, etc.

If you want to spend as much time with your child and not worry about packing and moving, find reliable professionals to do everything instead of you. This way you can focus on other important things when it comes to helping.

Four cardboard boxes with names of rooms written all over - one of the ways you can help your child move out

Help your child move out by assisting them pack the room

Don’t get too emotional

It is normal to be sad, but you should try to be strong and not too emotional. This will affect your child too especially if you are bonded too much. Be supportive. Understand that moving out is a good thing. Your little child is not all grown up and ready to leave the nest. Lok at positive sides of it. You will have more freedom and you will have one responsibility less.

Don’t help your child financially too much

In order to help your child move out, and help them in a future life, you should stop helping financially. It is O.K. to help a little bit, but remember, you are not ATM. If he/she will live in NYC, life there is expensive, so kids need to learn how to manage their monthly budget properly. It is for their own good. Prepare yourself it will be hard at the beginning to say NO but in the long run, it is a better solution.

Hiring a mover for NYC relocation

Relocation is always easier with a professional mover. It is too dangerous for your child to move alone and drive (especially if it is a long-distance move). Driving in NYC is sometimes impossible, as you already know.

Find a moving company in New York City and don’t worry about transportation. Ask other parents for recommendations and search online for a mover. One of the most reliable companies you should consider is U. Santini Moving & Storage Brooklyn.

You probably have experience with hiring a mover, help your child pick the best one.

Movers loading boxes in a van

By hiring a reliable moving company in NYC, relocation will be less stressful and easier

Find new things to do and redecorate your home

After you helped your kid with relocation, it is time to focus on yourself. NYC is one of the most interesting cities, so go out, visit museums, galleries, parks, restaurants, now you will have more time for yourself. It will help you not to feel depressed. Downsize your home and think about what you will do with your child’s room.


Look at the positive things when your kid is moving out. Help your child move out and after that enjoy. If your child doesn’t have experience in moving, this will be confusing and new. You should be there as support. Don’t help only with packing, but talk to each other about new life, what to expect after moving, how it will be, etc. After a while, visit him/her and spend quality time together.

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