Students Life hacks – Things to Do in Students Life

Students Life hacks – Things to Do in Students Life

I have extra-curricular activities coming out of my ears, I learned to install a shower curtain rail (something everyone should know how to do) and I managed the bills. I am now a capable adult and I (hopefully) graduated. Everything went pretty well.

However, I did not do anything spectacular. I did not climb Kilimanjaro, nor was I at Machu Picchu, I did not travel from London (or elsewhere) to Paris, nor swam in the Channel. I was not even a assignment writer at the Paperown and I live five minutes from the stadium.

Students Life Hacks

It was not for lack of inclination, I just did not have time. Even with my four hours of contact time a week.

So it was only yesterday, when I booked my graduation tickets, that I revisited the idea of an academic overflow list.

I am not one to make good lists, but I like to make a good evaluation of my life. an end report of a (final) report, if you want. So I sat down to see how many points I could check on the different generic lists.

There are some with whom I am on board. Attend a conference that is completely out of your field” – that’s what I accidentally achieved last year and I took too long to realize it was maths and not modernism in which I fell. I left hurriedly, Ulysses in hand.

Other points, not so much. “Rent a bike for a week and see how it works for you” – I live on Mile End Road and I value my life, so thank you. “See the Artistic Department’s End of Year Show” – Queen Mary does not offer art as a subject.

Because all these suggestions were rather absurd – and largely out of place for student life – for the first time in my life, I created my own list. This one is retrospective – you can say that it is more of a summary of the last three years.

Instead of being things that I want to do before my graduation, these are things that everyone should do, and especially things that I have already done. For this reason, some are quite specific, but they were all formative experiences.

I think if you do not have a bucket list (or want to add it to yours), it may be a fun thing to try. Especially if you are not a finalist and you have some free time. Fortunate.

As for me, during my last days at the undergraduate level, I’m going for a walk in the library. Yes, it’s sad, but that’s what the finals do to you. I will try to work in all the libraries to which my student card gives me access.

Why? Because although this is a hell of a place for many, the library will really miss me. This is the last week of my life when going to the library will legitimately be my daily job. I will savour it.

Sit on any committee

Everyone should experience the roller coaster of emotions that organize others.

Attend conferences at your university

The best pleasure you will have all year. With me please: V-A-R-S-I-T-Y.

Prepare dinner as good as your mom’s

My mac ‘n’ cheese is now in the house version. You too can do it (with the help of Delia).

Drink the dry SU

There was a January night with ten glasses of wine and not enough chips. Do this once and never again.

Find your favourite in the library

They will lead you involuntarily through the finals.

Operate without the Internet when your provider fails

My apartment did this for ten days in September and we can now use a dongle. Harder than it looks.

Face your fear of alcohol

A good life lesson on the determination. Bad experience with Sambuca? Take a picture and realize it’s not that bad. * Insert double Tequila here *.

Wear your university hoodie with pride

As soon as you leave, you will find the very idea of putting it a little sad. It will not be the same.

Make the most of every discount offered to students

Or, ideally, shop exclusively in places that offer one for a week. This will be missed when you graduate.

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