Systems of Koot in Kundali Matching!

Systems of Koot in Kundali Matching!

It is highly perceived by a lot of soothsayers, that the position of celestial bodies is more important than the horoscope of the bride and the groom for the process of Kundali matching.

The reasons why different koot is considered inKundali matching:

The positions of one celestial object when analysed with respect to another object gives more meaningful explanations and results about the married life of the prospective bride and groom than their horoscope does. Every star has a set of implications when it comes down to the effect of the planetary position mentioned in the birth chart of the person. For the process of Kundali matching, the planet which holds the maximum importance is Saturn. It is also known as Shani and it has a plethora of bad and some good omens associated with it. To decipher a birth chart without missing any prompts requires most of the focus to be paid on the positions and houses occupied by the Saturn planet. Its positions and the houses it occupies can totally change the viewpoint of whether or not the union is profitable for both the bride and the groom. The planet is paid so much of heed because the answers that are hidden in its houses can reveal a lot about the personality, character, habits and shortcomings of the person under the scope. However, it is to be kept in mind, that Saturn brings more awful circumstances that it will ever make you welcome happiness into your married union. Along with the plane of Saturn, celestial objects like Venus and the Moon also influence the diagrams of the birth chart that are associated with marriage and read during the process of Kundali matching.

Effects on the financial situation of the couple:

Kundali matching considers the first type of system of called mahendra koot in which the learned astrologers analyse about the financial situations the couple will undergo post the union of marriage. This system helps in analysing the financial position and the prospect of financial issues or success with the help of the birth chart and planetary positions. It assists the reader to know more about the compatibility quotient of the couple when the situation will turn strictly conservative about their own finances. This system has such a high importance in Kundali matching because of the low probability it holds on the side of success and the high probability it has for the marriage to succumb under the pressure of money and assets. There are 8 chances out of the total for the union to be a fruitful one, while the other 20 predict that the marriage will fall apart as soon as there is a dispute related to finances.

Another system addresses the problems linked with the building of wealth once the marriage has been done with is the stridirgha koot. If the boy doesn’t have his planets at least seven houses away from the girl’s, they could never be happily married!

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