Tennis Tricks for newbie’s- Connie Lynn Bandfield

Tennis Tricks for newbie’s- Connie Lynn Bandfield


If you are a beginner in the field of playing tennis then you certainly landed on the right page. Well in this write up you will get a brief knowledge about the various tips that you must know being a newbie in the game of tennis with the help of Connie Lynn Bandfield.

Well, Connie Bandfield is an expert interior designer and has a great luxury of traveling the world with her husband. As a beginner tennis player, Connie Lynn Bandfield knows all the tips and tricks related to the game.

However, you will probably get complete information about tennis racket that suits your style and playing aptitude. Connie Lynn Bandfield plays tennis in her free time and she knows that whether tennis is just a casual hobby for the free days, something to want to do with your friends, or is an activity that you would ultimately want to be serious in, you will need to know which tennis racquets and things you need as a beginners to buy.

Connie Lynn Bandfield suggests that as a broad rule, normally beginners should aim to buy ‘medium range’ tennis racquets that they can use through their transition into a more middle level and as well as fresher’s. Usually, experts recommend aluminum racquets for beginners because this elastic material is immense for players who don’t strike with much power.

In case you are serious about tennis then you can stay linked with Connie Lynn Bandfield blogs and know more about the tips and tricks to play tennis.

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