Top Four Unusual Ways To Take CBD Oil

Top Four Unusual Ways To Take CBD Oil

You may have heard the term CBD oil a lot recently, with the properties of the plant-based product sparking the interests of various celebrities. Whoopie Goldberg told CBD Geeks, “I feel like if you don’t want to get ‘high,’ this is a product just to get rid of discomfort.” Other celebrities, including Lily Allen and Kate Moss, have also been rumoured to be advocates of CBD indulging in CBD skincare.

Considering the huge potential of CBD and its constantly increasing popularity, it is no surprise more companies are offering various products with this compound and looking for ways to attract more consumers. Therefore, in the CBD market, you can find literally any product with different concentrations of CBD. What’s more, each item requires its specific method of intake and delivers various benefits. Here we discuss the top four unusual ways on how to take CBD oil.

CBD Concentrates

Concentrates are high-potency extracts of the hemp plant. Depending on the type and method of extraction, their potency varies. Users of marijuana might be more familiar with ingesting through vaping (or dabbing as it is widely known). In this method, a wax coil-vapouriser or a ‘dab rig’ is typically used. The method of ingestion is through smoking the vapourised form of the CBD concentrate.

The chief advantage of this method is that it delivers a high level of CBD into the system. When inhaled, up to 50% of the cannabinoids make their way to the lungs and onward to the bloodstream. There is no liver or other filtering mechanism to dilute the potency. The downside is that the effects last for a shorter duration than other consumption methods.

It is important to know that only concentrates can be consumed in this manner. Tinctures and CBD oil products are not suitable as carrier oils used are not designed for exposure to heat. While vapourising or dabbing is a highly effective way to ingest CBD, it harks back to the illegal days of the product. It is not as accessible as, say, swallowing a capsule or chewing CBD gummies and some consumers may be uncomfortable with the process.

CBD Patches

Patches are another great method to gain the benefits of cannabidiol through the receptors in the skin. Just like the well-known nicotine patches, they directly allow the CBD in the patch to permeate into the skin. As a patch is usually applied for a longer duration than a CBD oil, they offer long-lasting effects when compared to topicals.

CBD patches offer slow-release; hence, they can be applied and worn for long periods of time. As the patch is in direct contact with the skin, it is constantly absorbing the beneficial components and tends to provide positive effects for longer.

Patches are an inconspicuous way to receive the required CBD dosage. However, they are perfect only for skin and muscle conditions. Localised pain, muscle soreness and irritation of the skin can be easily treated with CBD patches. For hard-to-reach areas and overall body wellness, other forms of ingestions will work better.

CBD Suppositories

Who among us doesn’t flinch when they hear the word suppositories? Probably the least desirable method of ingesting CBD, suppositories are surprisingly the most effective! This has to do with the fact that they can directly be absorbed by the anal membrane and into the bloodstream without having to be filtered out by the liver. This means smaller dosages work really well. The products come as pill-shaped CBD capsules, which are often lubricated to facilitate the application procedure.

If you can get over the ingestion method, suppositories are hands down the most effective way to get CBD into your system. They provide the maximum rate of absorption into your bloodstream with the minimum amount of product and are easily absorbed in as little as 10-15 minutes. The effects also last longer than CBD oil consumables, as a better dosage is delivered.

CBD Beauty Products

The use of various beauty products and cosmetics is more relevant than ever in our lives and day-to-day skincare regimen. As a natural and effective compound, CBD oil has found its place in formulations of beauty products. Many CBD brands like VAAY have started producing cosmetic products with this beneficial ingredient, from lotions, serums and shampoos to lip balms, cleansers and creams.

Different CBD topicals not only provide targeted relief or aid in relieving skin problems like acne or eczema, but also help reduce the harshness of different beauty products or reduce irritation from wearing make up for too long. Also, products like extra-relaxing VAAY CBD bath bomb or bath salt are designed to provide whole-body effects by improving skin condition as well as promoting calmed mind, reduced tension and better sleep.

CBD Pet Products

If humankind can benefit from the consumption of CBD, can our four-legged friends be far behind? CBD has been proven to be effective on a variety of animals and product manufacturers have begun offering CBD versions of pet products. They are specially created for pets and are therefore developed in a variety of application methods. Pets can gain the advantage of CBD benefits as well.

The products range from CBD-infused pet treats (cookies, chew-toys and the like) to CBD oils, CBD creams, tinctures and sprays for ingestion or localised application. They work in a very similar manner to how they would on humans. The difference lies in the specific nature of the ECS in pets and hence they are custom-built to bind with animal receptors. As animals are incapable of dosing themselves, care needs to be taken to administer the appropriate dosage.

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