The Ultimate Guide To Creating Blog Posts Consistently

The Ultimate Guide To Creating Blog Posts Consistently

So you just bought your domain and paid for your hosting, now you’re all ready to start blogging.

A lot of people look at blogging as something easy which is why a lot of them start their blogs. However, in a few months or weeks, most of them give up and forget about blogging altogether.

Why is that? Most people don’t see the things done behind every successful blog. All they see is the success and not the efforts and hours of work behind it.

They don’t know that it takes time and patience for a blog to ripen and bloom. Every day, you pretty much have to hustle.

If you’ve been reading some ‘how to blog’ blogs, you probably heard of ‘consistency is the key.’ It’s true. You have to be consistent with your publishings. Create a schedule, and your audience will fall into a routine. They’ll know when to go to your site to read some new articles.

Well, it can’t be helped that you have to put in a lot of work for a blog to be successful. However, you don’t have to have a difficult time doing it.

In this blog post, we’re going to share with you some ways on how to blog better. Here are some blogger help tips and guides for you to help you with blogging.

Be Organized

Easier said than done.Well, here’s a great tip. Start by thinking of your usual tasks when you blog. List these down and see what’s consuming your time. Is it surfing the internet and scrolling through Instagram?

If this is the case, you’re not making the most of your time.

It can be hard to check all the things you do in one hour, but you have to if you want to audit how you work. It is essential that you know where you’re spending your time.

However, getting better at blogging isn’t just about checking your time. It’s also about making yourself go on autopilot and becoming more efficient at what you do.

So now, write down all the things you do up to the smallest details in a typical blogging day for you. Also, put timestamps for each.

If you see that you are wasting a lot of time, it’s time to be a little bit more productive. Structure your tasks and separate the important and not important tasks. List them down by priority and organize them properly.

One way to do this is to use Trello to stay organized. You can create a Trello account by visiting and signing up.

From here, you can create boards, lists, cards and so on. With Trello, you can customize each task, add comments, organize by importance, and so on.

Write Down Your Ideas

Just like how a person can fail so many times, that same person can still be successful.

A lot of people have great ideas. But not all know this. One thing you can do is to write down a lot of your ideas and remove the bad ones.

Every single day, take the time to write a minimum of 10 ideas – good or bad. Once done, throw the bad ideas away and use the good ones for your blogs.

Buy a small notebook and carry it with you at all times. When you have an idea, write it down.

Often, the most excellent blog post ideas simply come from the craziest ideas. These are the ones that look silly at first glance. It may be an absurd idea, but it works, and that’s all that matters.

After all, these absurd ideas are sometimes better than the normal ones. Be sure not to judge what you write very quickly. Take time to evaluate them.

If you write ten ideas per day, you will have a whopping 300 ideas by the end of the month. You can use this as your idea machine. Who knows that bad idea you were thinking of might be a great one.

You might not use all of the ideas you jotted down, but you will surely use some so start getting into the habit.

Write as You Go

Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, bloggers can work anywhere and anytime. This can be in a library, a coffee shop or a desk at home.

Sometimes they’re in buses too

Carrying a notepad with you everywhere you go is a great start to jotting down ideas as soon as they come. If you don’t like carrying a pen and some paper, use your phone. That’s what I do.

Blog Using Your Phone

Oftentimes, when I’m waiting in line or enjoying a cup of coffee, I write an entire blog post on my phone.

You can do it too. Simply download Google docs on your phone and use it to write. It has all the word processor abilities you need. Plus, it is flexible.

If you don’t like Google Docs, there’s Microsoft OneNote or Evernote – whichever you prefer.

Sometimes, when you’re stuck in traffic or taking a taxi, you can pull out your phone and work on your articles. If you need to add some research or data, make a note as you write and go back to these once you’re done.

When you are on your computer, you can check your article and find the needed media and research.

This will not only save you time, but you can also come up with great ideas this way.


If you don’t publish your blog, your audience will never be able to read them. You need to have a publishing schedule. With it, you can automate your publishing times, too.

Just go to your WordPress site and write some posts ahead of time. Then, using the tool ‘Wordable’ export your blogs from your Google Docs to your WordPress site. Your formatting will be preserved using this plugin.

Afterward, use the Drafts Scheduler plugin to schedule your posts. Just go to Posts then Drafts Scheduler and choose your preferred date. Finally, click on ‘Schedule Drafts.’

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