Ultimate Review Of Best LED Gloves In 2021

Ultimate Review Of Best LED Gloves In 2021

LED gloves have been a hot trend in recent times, with them being used in various theatre arts and recreational purposes. LED Gloves are gloves that are embedded with lights to illuminate. They’re usually powered with Lithium batteries which have a longer shelf life. 

LED gloves are helpful not just for recreational purposes, but they also find their usage in areas with dim lit conditions. Areas like mining, forest departments all have their use considering a flashlight can be tricky to carry if your hands are occupied. 

It’s also popular in emergency rescue services to search dark areas and for people who are stuck in a remote area, the light works as a way to signal your presence. 

5 Best LED Gloves in 2021

While determining what the best-LED gloves are, multiple factors need to be kept in mind. Price is a factor. More expensive Gloves produce better lights and last longer. However, not everyone wants to spend a considerable amount or can afford it. Another critical factor is the built quality. If you plan to use it for outdoor hiking or in harsh environments, durability is a crucial point to consider. 

The gloves mentioned below are not ranked in order of their quality as there are no fixed criteria to assess the best order. With this being said, 5 of the most popular LED Gloves in 2021 are:-

  1. EAmazingLights Elite Spectra– Best in the category, they’re the pioneers in LED Gloves. With a range of modern features like Bluetooth and an accelerometer, they bring out the best possible experience.The Bluetooth has easy connectivity with iOS and Android, allowing you to customize and save your lighting patterns. The inbuilt accelerometer tracks your hand and leg movements to calibrate the light according to your dance moves, making it perfect party equipment. The lights are priced in the range of $100.
  2. GloFX Gloves- They came into popularity with the advent of raves and have been the most popular choice for ravers. They boast a solid design structure and have a wide range of colour choices. Another important aspect is the onboard memory chip which allows you to save and customize your colour patterns. With their cost and usability, they’re one of the most popular choices for 2021. The prices range from $20 right up to $280.
  3. Mudder 1 LED Gloves- This one is perfect if your primary usage is for outdoors in environments like hiking, fishing, etc. Mudder gloves are extremely easy to use with a simple switch for on and off. They boast a long battery life of up to 30 hours and are perfect if you’re going for trips without access to regular electricity. They’re also priced cheaply at $9 and make for a perfect purchase. 
  1. RAK LED Gloves– These are perfect for handymen with long battery life. These Gloves allow you to perform work without the need to worry about a flashlight. They are equipped with AAA Batteries and are priced in the range of $15.
  2. Neon Nightlife LED Gloves– Specially designed for kids, these gloves are perfect for kids to use as fun activities. While they do not possess the range and capacity suitable for a proper party or an outdoor activity, they’re fun equipment for kids to use and play. They’re priced around $10.

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