Unique Hacks for Stylish Eco-Friendly Boxes

Unique Hacks for Stylish Eco-Friendly Boxes

Sustainability is good for everyone. Eco-friendly boxes are making their way in the packaging sector. Presenting a sustainable packaging is a good way to create a memorable customer experience. However, it is not only limited to how your package looks externally.

With the increase in awareness about environmental concerns, the customers have become concerned about the material organizations use. Eco-friendly boxes are not only beneficial for the planet but also for businesses. It has been seen that some products are packed in large cardboard boxes with layers of filler material for insulation. A number of customers get annoyed with this waste. They want their products to be received in perfect sized boxes with minimal filler packaging. According to Environmental Protection Agency’s research in 2015, near about 1.9 million tons of cardboard packaging is sent to landfills. A huge proportion is of Styrofoam peanuts which are frequently used in the packaging process. As they can’t be recycled, so they are sent to landfills. It takes years to break down.

Eco Friendly Packaging

An easy way to reduce the environmental impact is to use Eco-friendly boxes for packaging your products. Below are some of the unique hacks for Eco-friendly boxes in order to ensure a healthy living:

Introduce Paper-Based Packaging for Almost Everything

Plastic is a non-bio-degradable material, which proves harmful for the environment. Many of the ecologists have come up with an idea to introduce paper packaging for every product. Although recycled boxes are being used for a number of items like food, cereals, soaps, and apparel, etc. The manufacturers have worked on the idea to introduce paper-based packaging for water and beverages, which was not possible before. It sounds unusual but the trend is increasing with the passage of time. Natural Kraft packaging is used for the purpose. The bottles are internally lined with recyclable plastic to prevent leakage. The cap is designed from sugarcane. Using paper-based packaging is the best way to play your part to save the environment.

Use Recyclable Packaging Material

Eco Friendly Recyclable Packaging Material

If you wish to create Eco-friendly boxes, the first thing is to switch to recyclable packaging material. The raw material used to create packaging should be 100% sustainable. Cardboard is the biggest example of it. It exists in various forms like paperboard, Kraft paper, and corrugated cardboard. All of them have different characters but the common thing is their recyclable nature. Kraft boxes are used to pack a number of retail products. Corrugated cardboard is used for shipping purpose. Natural Kraft packaging is becoming trendy for various food items. So it is never late to stock up your inventory with sustainable packaging material to ensure a healthy environment.

Use Biodegradable Packaging Fillers

Eco Friendly Fillers

In addition, to create recycled boxes, it is also necessary to analyze the filler packaging you use. Special cushioning is required for fragile items which are prone to damage. For this purpose, Styrofoam is the most commonly used material. It is non-biodegradable and hard to recycle. A useful hack is to replace it with other Eco-friendly alternatives like shredded paper filler or inflatable air cushions. These plant-based alternatives ensure safe shipping. Biodegradable tissue wrap or corrugated paper roll provides an extra layer of protection to the items. They are available in different colors and are easy-to-recycle.

Choose the right size box

Eco Friendly Boxes in different size

Eco-friendly packaging focuses on using less material. This can be done by designing a perfect sized box for packaging your products. It not only cuts off the use of raw material but also eliminates the use of filler packaging needed to fill a large sized box. When the products are packed in precise Kraft boxes, this delights the customers as they need not to remove heaps of waste to access the main product. Reducing the size of your packaging reduces the space needed on the shipping vehicle. This minimizes the carbon footprints as more products can be shipped on the same carrier. Moreover, it improves the efficiency of the process ensuring a quick delivery. Perfect sized packaging reduces the dimensional weight shipping charges for the company.

Use Natural Inks for Eco-Printing

Cardboard Eco Friendly Boxes for cosmetics

Printing is an essential part of every process. Even if you create Eco-friendly packaging, printing is necessary to give it an adorable look. Sometimes the brown Kraft boxes do not look appealing. Printing can change the entire look of your packaging. A unique hack is to use natural inks for the printing process. This is a good way to add to its sustainability. Natural inks are made from food or milk proteins. They create less impact as the one made from bio-plastics. The solvent is the most destructive portion of the ink. Moving towards an Eco-friendly solution can be a good alternative. Use low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) fluids to reduce their environmental impact. You can design any type of packaging from these natural inks to meet your requirements. Thecustomboxes provides a great range of Eco-Friendly Boxes for your daily routine needs.

Consider Corn-starch for the Packaging of Edibles

Eco Friendly Corn Strach Boxes

Using corn-starch is another way to take Eco-friendly packaging game a step further. Such type of packaging is usually designed for food items but you can use it for any product as well. Corn-starch packaging is fully biodegradable with no environmental impact.

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