Unique Wedding Invitations Your Guests Haven’t Seen Before

Unique Wedding Invitations Your Guests Haven’t Seen Before

A wedding is considered one of the important occasions in every person’s life that they want to remember for whole life. That is why everyone tries to make sure that everything related to the wedding is perfect. One of the essential parts and elements is nothing but the wedding invitation. Marriages in any part of the world are always considered a social affair. All the friends and family members meet and celebrate the Unison of two critical personalities in life.

That is why it is essential to make sure that the invitation has best wedding signs with the help of which you invite your friends and family is attractive enough so that everybody feels happy to visit the occasion. This article will explain the different types of unique patterns of wedding invitations that can invite your friends and family to your special event. These patterns would be attractive enough to such an extent that none of them might have witnessed them. 

Best unique patterns of wedding invitation

The list of the most fantastic wedding invitation patterns has been summarized in the following way. 

1. Use theme-based wedding cards

Theme-based wedding cards with wedding welcome sign is one of the essential methods with the help of which you can design the invitation. It is considered a type of pattern with the use of which you can instantly add a fantastic look to the invitation card by explaining the theme based on which your wedding would be held. 

This theme can even be a Rajasthani Royal theme or an excellent theme in the city of Goa. It can also be related to some pastel Shades, and it can also be associated with some floral patterns. The article can explain the love story of the people who were getting married, and accordingly, the invitations can be made in this pattern. 

2. Animated wedding cards

You might have heard about animated movies, but animated wedding cards are also becoming very famous this time. These wedding cards are usually in the form of a video shared on digital media platforms. This video contains the animated figures of the bride and the bridegroom, and accordingly, the entire journey of the love story is somewhere in the form of a short video.

 It is considered one of the essential methods with the help of which you can design a fantastic look. It is usually inexpensive and saves a considerable amount of printing cost and the people that might be utilized otherwise for printing the invitation card. Any graphic designer can easily design this animated video card. 

3. Minimal wedding card

The upcoming generation is pretty conscious about the design in which the wedding card would be printed. That is why it is becoming essential to keeping in mind the preferences and the taste of this generation so that a wedding card according to their choice can be crafted easily. The present age does not require very lengthy and elaborated cards, which are so much colourful and filled with graphics to a great extent. But at the same point in time, we usually want wedding cards which are very simple and subtle. 

They only want the designs that are there simple and only display the critical information they provide to the guest. They do not wish to have any accessories or elaborate designs to decorate the wedding card. So simple wedding cards are also in a massive trend in the present world. 

4. Wedding hampers with a card.

If you want to make your wedding invitation look much more high profile, you can always add a wedding hamper along with the wedding invitation card. The wedding hamper can contain scented candles or even the favourite sweets of the famous localities of India. 

It can contain amazing chocolate and bouquet flowers, showing your gesture and happiness towards inviting your guest to the wedding occasion. These wedding hampers, along with an invitation card, are considered one of the best ways to treat your close family and friends on the wedding day.

However, you must keep in mind that this pattern is likely to be a bit expensive because the wedding hampers usually cost a lot. You can consult wedding planners to make cost-effective wedding hampers. 

5. Resin wedding cards

If you want your wedding card to be preserved by your friends and family like a showpiece, then you can design then using the material called resin. It is considered one of the most expensive methods with the help of which a glass-like structure is created, and accordingly, all the information about the wedding day is added to that glass. You can choose this pattern according to the availability of the designers who can develop these wedding cards for you instantly. 

6. Wooden card

One of the growing trends this year is engraving the invitation on wood. It looks royal and also offers a creative look. This unique invitation is expensive but looks mesmerising and appealing. You can also use the card after sometime as a décor item for your home. People look for creative designs of wood to bring out the best invites that will leave the guests surprised. 


These are the most amazing patterns you can choose for designing your wedding card because they will try to impact significantly your friends and family concerning the joy you want to show to them. I hope you like our ideas and will implement them at your wedding.

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