Useful Tips to Preserve your Wedding Gown

Useful Tips to Preserve your Wedding Gown

You have finally said “I do” and had the most fantastic wedding and celebrated your big day with all your loved ones. Now, what about your wedding dress? Some brides alter their wedding gowns and re-purpose it into cocktail dresses; others donate or sell it. However, there are some brides who want to preserve their wedding gowns as a symbol of happiness and celebration. When it comes to wedding dress cleaning and preservation, you have to be extra careful as it is made of delicate material and features intricate designs. We are helping you with some useful tips in the article that will help with your wedding dress cleaning and preservation.

Treating Those Invisible Stains 

Some of the most dangerous spills on your wedding gowns are not easily visible. Things like white wine dry and caramelized sugar become apparent when they are dry, so they are not visible and cannot be removed using ordinary dry cleaning services. Your wedding gown may appear to be clean, but over time, it will turn pale yellow and then eventually get darkened. Professional wedding dress preservationists are trained to treat such unseen spots on the wedding gown. Additionally, they have a specialized treatment plan for each stain.

Timing is Everything 

If you want to preserve your wedding, it is vital that you get it to the preservationists at the right time. Usually, brides tend to wait around weeks before they get their wedding dress cleaned, but that is not a good idea. By procrastinating, you are only letting the stains really set into the dress. Remove your clothing as soon as the reception is over and ensure that you get it to the cleaner the very next day. If you are leaving for your honeymoon, then ask your bridesmaid or mother to take the dress for you.

Read the Dress Label Carefully 

You should not overlook what is written on your wedding gown label. Look out for any specific cleaning instructions. For instance, at times on the label, it is mentioned: “dry clean only using petroleum solvent.” If there are special instructions like that, ensure that your cleaner follows them while cleaning and preserving your wedding attire.

Make Sure that the Box is Sealed Correctly

When you get the preserved wedding dress, it usually comes in an airtight box where the oxygen is replaced by nitrogen. It is done to prevent oxidation, discoloration, aging, etc., which happens when the clothes are stored in a box for many years. Professionals recommend not to break the seal, and even if you do, then you should seal it back again. And when you take out the wedding gown out of the box, make sure you use a white cotton glove to handle it.

Store the Dress in a Cool Dark Place 

Once you receive your wedding dress from the cleaner, where you store plays an important role, keep your gown away from direct sunlight as it can result in discoloration and turn the gown yellow over time. Never store your wedding gown in a zip-lock back as plastic tends to lock in the moisture and create discoloration. You can use an acid-free plastic cover that is specially made to preserve a wedding box. Opt for a professional wedding preservation box to keep your wedding gown safe for the longest time. 

These were some of the tips to ensure that your wedding dress is preserved in the right way. However, if you wish to take a DIY approach towards protecting your wedding dress, then there are certain things you should keep in mind. Before you begin the cleaning process, make sure you spot test the fabric, use white gloves while handling the dress, always use a soft-bristled brush, and, most importantly, never use bleach.

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