Vastu Tips For Your Study Room That You Ought To Follow

Vastu Tips For Your Study Room That You Ought To Follow

One cannot deny that studies are a crucial part of our lives. We all go through the phase wherein studying is a part of our daily routine. To excel in studies, one needs a conducive environment and positive vibrations around them. This is where Vastu Shastra plays a key role.

Vastu Shastra and Your Study Room

A study room is where you sit down to study, and hence this room should have the right environment that allows you to concentrate on the studies better. When the study room of your home is Vastu-compliant, it will allow your children and even you, if you are still studying, to focus better on the subject at hand. A Vastu-compliant study room can enhance a student’s intelligence and concentration. According to Vastu, a study room should be designed in a specific manner. The correct placement of furniture and objects in the study room, the room’s décor, the lighting, and the directions of the room can make a lot of difference.

If a study room has Vastu defects, it would create negative energies and will not allow the student to study in a peaceful environment with a calm mind. The student will find it difficult to focus on the studies, which will ultimately affect their chances of success. Additionally, Vastu defects can also weaken memory. This is why Vastu guidelines should be followed so that the study room’s atmosphere can enhance a person’s learning capabilities. To know about Vastu guidelines, one must get in touch with Vastu experts. You can easily find Vastu experts online on credible portals like Astroyogi.

Vastu Tips That You Should Follow

Tip 1- The study room must be constructed in the East, West, or Northeast portion of your home. You should also ensure that the room is spacious. It shouldn’t be cramped or overcrowded with stuff as it will affect a student’s mental faculties, and they won’t be able to comprehend the subjects clearly and concisely.

Tip 2- Vastu experts suggest that students must be facing the East or North direction while studying. This will enhance their concentration levels.

Tip 3- Colours play a crucial role in Vastu Shastra. The colours used in a study room should be light, subtle, and pastel, as these will have a soothing effect on the student. Dark colours should be steered away from as they can attract negative energies and disturb students’ studying processes.

Tip 4- You should avoid placing the study table under a beam, as a student should not sit below a beam while studying. A beam overhead obstructs the flow of cosmic energy into the study room, as the result of which the concentration of the student can get hampered.

Tip 5- The study table should always be rectangular or square-shaped, as this will give the student the best result.

Tip 6- Students should not face a window or a blank wall while studying. You can hang an inspirational poster on the blank wall in the front for motivation.

Tip 7- A solid wall behind a student’s back signifies support. Always ensure that there is no door behind your chair. Instead, make sure there is a wall behind your chair.

Following these Vastu guidelines will ensure that the study room is optimum for studying. This will help in increasing the student’s grasping power of the mind. It will also enhance the retention power of the brain. Additionally, a Vastu compliant study room will be comfortable and optimum for students to study without feeling disturbed.

To know more about Vastu tips for your study room or if you have specific concerns related to Vastu, get detailed and personalised solutions from Vastu experts. When looking for Vastu experts, Astroyogi should be your go-to pick. On the Astroyogi platform, you can find Vastu Shastra experts who can offer you Vastu solutions based on your requirements instantly.

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