#16 Elegant And Beautiful Table Top Garnishing For Wedding Decorations!

#16 Elegant And Beautiful Table Top Garnishing For Wedding Decorations!

Have you ever been to a wedding where you couldn’t keep your eyes off the regal and elegant decor? Yes, we know all the grand and gorgeous wedding themes are mind-boggling to perceive. The variety of decors that we witness in every wedding venue is just surprising. The benchmark is too high, and the ideas are too vivid to even think about.

Whether it be the homely rustic decor or the Gatsby theme, you name any of the ideas and decors. All of these wedding interior trends have spread like wildfire. Understandably, all these fancy decors can confuse you while you are planning your wedding décor. After discussing it with the Wedding Decorators in Delhi, we figured the secret of topping the wedding decor game.

Well, it is not about the wedding decor but the small details that make up the decor. So to help you with the wedding interior, we have a pocket-friendly decor idea that can provide a fresh vibe at your D-Day! It is none other than the flower arrangements done on the tabletops at weddings.

Here are #16 regal tabletop ideas that can leave you mesmerized!

The Simple And Elegant Table Top

The Periwinkle table cloth with glimmering glass cutlery can be the best choice for the people looking for a sober look.


The Bright And Contrasting Colored Table Top

The bright purple contrasted with yellow sunflowers and white cutlery is the most quirky yet regal choice of colours.

The Big Candlestick Centre Piece On Table Top

Big silver candlestick with a flower pastel bouquet on the tabletop can match the elegance like no other tabletop.


The Rustic And Bright Flowery Table Top

Warm coloured bouquet matched with cool and rustic tubs and single flowers for a homely vibe.


The Red And Golden Colored Table Top

Highly exquisite tabletop with the passionate red roses backed up with the attractive golden and white cutlery.


The Big Fresh Bouquet Centre Piece On Table Top

A big fresh bouquet of the gorgeous pastel shades with a sheer table cloth.


The Personalized Couple’s Photograph On Table Top

Tree slices with mason jars and a photo of the married couple on a small easel to match the homely vibe of the wedding.


The Fresh Branch And Personal Name Text On Table Top

A fresh tree branch on the tabletop contrasted with the golden cutlery and the personalized names of the respective guest.


The Magenta Color Palette Table Top 

Tabletop decorated by keeping the magenta colour palette in mind.


The Fresh Flower Bouquet With Golden Cutlery Table Top

Exotic and colourful flowers with the attractive golden cutlery colour.


The Fresh Fruit With Leaves On The Table Top

Tabletop with cut lemon and fresh leaves.


The Fancy Pink Cutlery With A Pink Table Cloth Table Top

Another way to decorate the table is by putting up highly decorated and classy cutlery.


The Off-White Winter Table Top With Simple Cutlery

The simple and refined winter look on the table.


The Earthen Cutlery With Glass And Candles On The Table Top

Simple earthen cutlery with matching colour palette and glasses.


The Old School Candle Light Table Top

Table embellished with a glowing candle at night.


The Purple And Black Colored Table Top

The bold black and royal purple colour for the decoration of the table.


But don’t forget that the most important thing about the tabletops is the colour palette of the cutlery, table cloth, flowers and decorative items. It is essential to follow a particular colour combination for the whole décor to exert the utmost impact. And if you focus on these beautiful details, then you won’t have to work that much on the overall décor.

These table décors will catch the attention of the guests as the wedding decoration.

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