What are the Types of Rib Injuries? What can you Claim after an Accident?

What are the Types of Rib Injuries? What can you Claim after an Accident?

Rib injuries are one of the most serious injuries a person can suffer in an accident. First, you need to know the functioning of the ribs. You will amaze to understand that ribs protect our liver, lungs, heart, and other internal organs from damage. Any damage to these organs can lead to severe health condition sometimes may also cause death. If the ribs are damaged in an accident due to other’s fault or mistake, you can claim compensation.

What is a rib injury?

A rib injury is an accident that causes any break, fracture or tissue damage or bruising to the ribs. In some cases, these accidents can cause damage to the ligaments and cartilage.

Rib injury accident at a road

Vehicle accidents or road accident are the most common cause of serious injuries in the UK. Along with many other damages, these accidents can also damage or fracture the ribs. Ribs are very close to the steering wheel. A brutal impact can penetrate the steering wheel into the chest of the driver. However, most of the cars also have airbags system, although this is not applicable in slow speed.

Rib injuries at work

Injuries in the workplace are widespread and can cause brutal damage to the organs of the body. As you know, Workplaces are not risk-free every time. When employees don’t meet the safety requirement, they face accidents. The accidents which occur in without safety equipment can cause more damage to the body. In this damage, ribs and head injuries are on top of the list.

Rib injuries due to fall

Slip, trip, or fall can happen anywhere. Usually, uneven surface cause trips and slippery surface cause slips. Slip, Trip, and fall is a common accident in the UK. If the accident occurs in a place, the owner of the shop or the host is responsible for the accident. If this accident occurs in the public area, then the municipal part is accountable for the negligence.

Slip, trips, and fall usually cause hand and knee injuries; however, in some severe cases, it can also cause a brutal impact on the ribs.

What are the types of rib injuries?

There are various types of rib injuries. These injuries vary from person to person. These injuries include:

Physical assault

People who suffer from criminal activities may also experience an attack by a person who violates the law. These illegal activities may lead to broken or fractured bone.

Sports accidents

Athletes or players who take part or participate in heavy contact sports usually experience injuries. The severity of the injuries may vary according to the impact.

Being crushed

This is the worst type of rib injury. This usually occurs when a person gets stuck in heavy machinery. Accidents to machinery can crush the upper body of the employees.

What can you claim after the injury?

AS you know, there is no limit of the compensation claim. You will get compensation according to the damage to your body. Besides this, there are many other damages that you can claim. These damages include:

General damage

General damage is all physical damage from a victim suffers. This includes every type of pain along with the mental damage to the emotions of a person.

Special Damage

This special damage you can’t see in one first glance. This may cover the damages to physical and financial problems.

Medical Costs

Every medical cost you suffer from in an accident will be paid here.

Loss of earning

After the accident, you will need to take the rest. As you are in the recovery process, you will also quit your job. So a huge loss of earning you will experience.

Seek the help of the solicitors

After the accident and general physical checkup, you have to claim compensation against the label party. For this purpose, you can consult a personal injury solicitor. Only consult experience and professional personal injury solicitor.

Your first step should be the calculation of the damage. After the calculation, you need to estimate the economic loss so that you can demand from the liable party. In this entire scenario, personal injury solicitor Bury can help you in many ways. He can gather the evidence from the accident scene and can contact the eyewitness. A personal injury solicitor can also send them legal notice for the court hearings.

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