What is Varna and Vashya Dosh in Matchmaking?

What is Varna and Vashya Dosh in Matchmaking?

As per the Vedic India, matchmaking is a must-follow step before proceeding for the marriage. There is a total of 36 points that are being matched between the partners so that they could have a balanced life after marriage. There are 8 sections in which these points are distributed. In this series, an aspect comes which is being known as Varna and Vashya dosh and they have 1 and 2 points worth respectively. Varna has been placed in the first place and astrologers analyses for the native, cast, etc in order to check the compatibility of both the partners.

Marriage is a knot of two souls and if it is not strengthened then the root of the life will get spoiled. Hence we should always follow all the methodologies to make our life happy and happening. Astrologers calculate the Varna by using some methods which are as mentioned below:

  • The Moon’s Nakshatra Calculation
  • Based on ascendant or Sun of the individual, the calculation is made
  • Calculation of the Navamsa of Moon
  • Calculation is based on the Rashi of Moon of an individual

Hence these are the major keys that are responsible for the analysis of Varna dosh in an individual and this practice has been carried out at the time of matchmaking because it avoids the future disturbances of the married couple. These all the calculations are done manually or with astrology apps by astrologer.

There is a total of 8 aspects that are being analyzed during matchmaking as mentioned above, they are known as Varna, Vashya, Tara, Yoni, Graha Maitri, Gana, Bhakoot and Nadi. All these aspects carry some points and in total, the value of points becomes 36.

Varna lies at the bottom position of this pyramid of koots and accordingly it carries 1 Guna whereas Vashya lies at number 2 from the bottom and accordingly it carries 2 Gunas. Different numbers of Gunas are assigned to a pair of two natives undergoing the process of matchmaking.

Sometimes, in case of love marriages if Varna or Vashya dosh gets detected and both the partners are willing for the marriage, then there are some specific remedies that allow the person to live a happy life after marriage. The remedies counter all the negativity which is aroused due to the presence of Varna or Vashya dosh. Always be transparent and things will get better by the grace of that Almighty.

Hence in this way, one can understand the worth and importance of Varna and Vashya dosh during the matchmaking process. We all are aware of the fact that a new life begins after marriage and it should always be passed in a happy way. So we always recommend consulting with experts who are having experience over matchmaking analysis so that you could get the best in your life. Apart from the mentioned dosha, if you want to know more then get in touch and we will provide resolutions to all the problems. Stay tuned with Astro Hub Live to know more facts of Astrology.

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