What Vape Pens to Use With Pre-Filled Cartridges

What Vape Pens to Use With Pre-Filled Cartridges

Vape pens are the healthiest way to consume cannabis apart from maybe eating it. The two types of vape pen cartridges are:

  1. Pre-filled cartridges.
  2. Refillable cartridges.

Pre-filled cartridges are mini-vape tanks that when are filled with the vape juice before purchase. Though they are considered disposable after use, they can still be used a few times. On the other hand, refillable cartridges are empty that can be filled with CBD vape oil pen, regular nicotine e-liquid, or even THC oil.

Pre-filled cartridges are usually cheaper, and after purchase, you don’t need to worry about cleaning them regularly. You can dispose of one and obtain another one.

Which type of vape pens can be used with pre-filled cartridges.

Most vape pens available for sale have a universal cartridge size called a 510 thread. If you find a pre-filled cartridge that is of the same size (510 thread), like your vape pen, then the two are most likely to be compatible with each other.

Vape pens from different brands have different specifications and features. Some are more advance than others, while some create more powerful hits than others. You need to find the vape pen that you can fix your pre-filled cartridge on and also one that suits you the most.

Best vape pens to use with pre-filled cartridges.

Dr. Dabber CBD cartridge and battery combo.

This vape pen contains broad-spectrum CBD vape juice extracted from US grown hemp. The vape juice is third-party lab tested for quality, and you can see the lab results of your batch by scanning the QR code on your package.

Dr. Dabber CBD cartridge and battery combo comes in four different blends:

  1. Robust blend
  2. Original blend
  3. Fresh blend
  4. Citrus blend.

Each blend has its specific natural flavor.

The vape pen has three heat settings and a pre-heat mode as well. The battery that powers the vape device can be used up to 50 times on a single charge and is backed by a USB charger.

VaporFi Air 2 mini vaporizer.

This mini vape pen is very discreet, meaning it will let you enjoy your vaping experience in most places without necessarily bothering anybody. It is very compact and has a simple design.

VaporFi  Air 2 mini vaporizer is available for you in black and white.

BO vaping BO One Ultra Portable AIO Vape Starter Kit.

This vape pen is designed to suit both vaping beginners. Its design is very beautiful to the eye as it features ceramic grey, street art, and a soft black touch.

Kandypens Special-K.

Kandypens Special-K comes with two 1 mL cartridges. The vape pen features a temperature control battery and three heat settings.

Its battery comes with a lifetime warranty.

The vape pen is stylish and furtive. It delivers hits that are as good as its look.

How to use a vape pen with a  pre-filled cartridge.

Pre-filled vape cartridges have a simple design and feature three key components:

  • Mouthpiece – which is where you put your lips to draw in the vapor. It is located on top of the cartridge.
  • Chamber – contains the pre-filled vape juice.
  • Atomizer – is the source of heat that vaporizes the vape e-liquid for inhalation.

You should always ensure the vape pen that you are going to use with a pre-filled cartridge is fully charged before use. This minimizes the interruptions to your vaping session.

If the vape pen has power settings that allow you to adjust the power, you should always turn the power to its lowest setting, and then you can increase it.

As soon as the performance and flavor drop off, you should replace the pre-filled cartridge. Replacing minimizes wastage of your vape juice.

The connection between the cartridge and the vape pen (510 connection) should always remain clean. Cleaning keeps the current flowing.

Using a vape pen with a pre-filled cartridge is pretty simple. You just screw the cartridges onto the vape pen and press the power button. However, most vape pens and pre-filled cartridges brands have user manuals for their products. You should always study and follow these user manuals to the latter to make the most out of the vape devices.

What vape pens to use with pre-filled cartridges final thoughts.

Vape pens used with pre-filled cartridges are the best way to ingest all types of cannabis concentrates or even nicotine e-liquid. Nevertheless, you need to ready both legally and healthwise for you to vape. Always consult an expert before you begin your vaping journey so that he can advise on dosage and how vaping may either positively or negatively affect you.

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