Which Graha is Responsible for Love Marriage?

Which Graha is Responsible for Love Marriage?

Marriage prediction is an exciting forecast of astrology. Every love marriage is a story of two soulmates. And arranged marriage is a journey of two compatible partners who gradually become soulmates! The universe very thoughtfully creates planetary combinations for a happy married life.

Moreover, We believe that matches are made in heaven! It truly is! There are specific planets that decide your marital fate. Let’s decode which planets are responsible for marriage

Which planets are responsible for love marriage?

When a person gets married to his dream partner, he is undoubtedly under the charisma of the below-mentioned planets. Astrologers check these planets for Kundali Matching for Marriage Prediction. Also, gaining insight into these planets may be helpful to know your relation better.

  • Venus-Venus is the key significator of love marriage. It describes love, beauty, romance and attraction, and creativity. A firmly placed Venus is the confirming agent of love marriage.
  • If a Venus is placed in the 5th,7th 1st, or the 11th house -it will increase the chances of love marriage.
  • Moon represents your emotions. It is the planetary representation of your hidden sensitivities and desires. So when your Moon is conjucted with the Venus, you will be inclined towards romantic partnerships.
  •  Sometimes, the afflicted Moon associated with Rahu denotes unconventional marriage. The exact placement of the Moon must be analyzed to know the native’s preferences.
  • -Rahu is a mysterious planet that does not like social customs and traditions. So Rahu may provide unconventional marriage.
  • Rahu is also a planet of secret desires and sexual drives that help generate strong feelings towards someone.
  • Rahu also causes obsession to a specific person. Rahu in conjunction with Venus or when aspects Venus provides strong desires, increasing possibility of love marriage
  • Mars gives conviction, courage, and willingness to fight all differences. If associated with Venus, it gives an extraordinary passion which may cause love marriage
  • If the Lord of the 7th house retrogrades in the 2nd house of the native or the 9th house of customs, it creates disputes between family before marriage.or a non-conventional wedding
  • Jupiter – Jupiter is the planet of norms and customs. It is also a planet of wiseness and intelligence. But when it becomes retrograde, it also gives the atypical Union.
  •  Saturn- If the Moon or Mercury afflict Saturn, while it is associating the seventh house, it describes a vast age gap between two partners and a non-conventional way of relationship.

The Houses Responsible For Love Marriage

  • The Seventh House-Seventh house is responsible for marriage, romantic relationships, love affair, attraction, companionship, etc. Placements, located in the seventh house, affect wedding decisions directly.
  • If the Lord of the seventh house is paced in 1st,5th, and 11th house-it represents love marriage. But other details are also crucial, like which planet is the Lord of the seventh house and which nakshatra and sign it is located in marriage prediction.
  • The Fifth house-Fifth house in the horoscope governs love affairs. If the fifth house lord is in combination with seventh house lord-it causes love marriage
  • The eleventh house-Eleventh house describes how we maintain our relationships and how we follow our desires. Which indirectly denotes love marriage.
  • The Eighth house-The The 8th house gives not only confidential relationships but also expresses the unconventional actions of the native.

Favorable Placements for Love Marriage

Specific celestial codes determine your will and spirit, which represents a higher chance of love marriage. Go for a detailed Janam Kundali analysis to see whether you have the below-mentioned placements or not!

  • When Lord of the 5th house is in the 7th house or Vice Versa.
  • The Lord of the 5th house is in association with Lord of 7th house. It is very crucial information for marriage astrology.
  • When the 5th lord and the 7th lord are connected or in relation to the 11th house or 11th house’s Lord.
  • The conjunction of Ascendant Lord with the 5th and 7th Lord.
  •  If the 7th Lord is in conjunction or aspected by Venus.

Do you have any of these combinations or placements in your horoscope? Check your Janam Kundali now!

Conjunctions responsible for Love Marriage

So far, we already know which houses and which planets can cause passionate desires of love and ultimately love marriage! Other conjunctions of specific planets act as a catalyst in your horoscope!

  • This combination clearly shows the native is interested in love and relationships and is very intense in his relationship and for his love affair
  • This is considered a powerful Yoga for Love marriage. When this placement is in the 5th or 7th house, then it performs even greater Yogas for Love Marriage. But such an arrangement may also result in disappointment and over-demanding nature of the partner.
  • This association in the 7th house makes a native an intense Lover. So there are great possibilities of Love Marriage as per the marriage astrology.Venus and Moon mutually aspecting each other can also give a passionate relationship.
  • This conjunction presents multiple relationships and may yield Inter-caste Love marriage. But seldom this conjunction symbolizes that Marriage may not be prosperous, especially when it is in 4th house, 7th house, 8th house, and 10th house.

Do you have any of the above -mentioned planetary placements in your kundali?. Marriage horoscope by name and date of birth can accurately evaluate your compatibility through various vital areas.

Moreover, any marriage, whether love or arranged, needs the right compatibility to be successful. Check your compatibility with your partner from here! It strengthens your love bond.

The Concluding Note

Various planets and houses give different effects based on their placements and conjunctions with other planets. But to get an astrological overview of love marriage and planets responsible for it helps to foresee your marital journey.
Do you want a twin-flame in life? Marriage astrology can give insightful help. Give your love life a new dimension with the planetary help.

Know your love relationship better and assess which planet is your love agent! Use marriage prediction as a celestial help to begin your soulful marital journey!

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