Which Pooja Is Good For Marriage?

Which Pooja Is Good For Marriage?

Do you have a hard time finding a life partner? Despite your best efforts, are things not turning out for you? 

When issues such as postponed weddings, lack of compatibility, or conflicts arise, performing puja for getting married or having a successful married life becomes a lifesaver.

You might be now wondering about the pujas to perform to achieve this. Below-mentioned are some popular poojas that can save you from the issues mentioned earlier.

Poojas you can perform for getting married or having a blissful marriage:-

  • Mangla Gauri pooja
  • Shiv Parvati pooja
  • Ganesh pooja
  • Lord Shukra (Venus) pooja

Now, let us know about these poojas in detail –

1. Mangla Gauri Pooja

In our lives, the most significant and life-changing event is marriage. A compatible and understanding partner is a blessing. The Mangla Gauri puja can help you find the ideal spouse and lead a joyful and successful married life. It is one of the most commonly performed pujas for curing problems related to your marriage, such as a wedding getting postponed, arguments related to marriage between you and your partner, or Mangal Dosha. Additionally, Shubh Choghadiya Mahurat for marriage is ideal and suitable, because the positive energy is much stronger.

Mangal Gauri pooja benefits:-

 The benefits one can avail by performing the Mangal Gauri Puja with immense dedication are – 

  • The worshiper gets blessed with a suitable life partner.
  • Eliminates the ill effects of malefic planets.
  • Eliminates the reason for the delay in marriage.
  • The natives receive blessings in the form of a happy and prosperous life.
  • It resolves the Mangal dosha.

2. Shiv Parvati Pooja

Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati (also known as Ardhanarishvara) are a divine couple, and worshiping them is beneficial for the natives before marriage. Performing this puja before Marriage leads to a happy marriage. The destroyer of all evil and terrible actions is Lord Shiva.

Your Marriage would be free of negative influences and difficulties if you worship Lord Shiva. The mother of every living being in the universe is Goddess Parvati. Love, prosperity, and happiness will follow you if you Worship her. Worshiping the Goddess Parvati will make you the most attractive and devoted wife while worshiping the God Shiva will bring you the most ideal husband.

Shiv Parvati pooja benefits:-

By performing this pooja, Shiv Parvati will bless you with their divine energy.

  • Good for marital happiness.
  • Eliminates issues like delaying marriage.
  • You receive the benefits of positive vibration in your mind, body, and soul as a result of this puja.
  • Reduces our sins and satisfies our desires.
  • Protects against evil energy.

3. Ganesh Pooja 

The parents of the bride conduct the Ganesha Pooja, and the event starts with a prayer for peace and harmony throughout the event. For a happy beginning for the couple, request the blessings of Lord Ganesh. In Indian traditional weddings, Ganesh Pooja is essential; otherwise, it is considered incomplete.

Ganesh pooja benefits:-

Vighnaharta (Lord Ganesh) clears your path from obstacles.

  • Worshipping Lord Ganesh gives prosperity to a couple’s life before marriage.
  • Vighnaharta (Lord Ganesh) removes all baadhas (obstacles) from life.
  • Pure and divine energy keeps your soul clean and healthy.
  • Uddanda (Lord Ganesh) protects you from evil energy.
  • Spreads positivity near the ritual area.

4. Lord Shukra (Venus) Pooja

Shukra (Shukracharya) is the name of the Demon guru (teacher). Venus is known as Shukra in Sanskrit, a part of the Navagrahas. Venus is a sign of spouse, relationship, wedding, luxury, comfort, beauty, wealth, happiness, all modes of transportation, art, dance, music, acting, passion, and physical satisfaction.

The purpose of this puja is to seek a life partner, cultivate love, attract marriage, invite comfort, experience abundance, enhance beauty, invite prosperity, find happiness, gain access to various means of transportation, appreciate art, dance, music, acting, ignite passion, and achieve physical fulfillment.

Lord Shukra pooja benefits:-

Performing the Lord Shukra Pooja will satisfy your needs and provide luxury.

  • The Shukra Pooja calms Venus, favoring people with an artistic nature.
  • Venus Puja is a beneficial and useful puja since it boosts benefic Venus and expands its power while pacifying the malefic effects of the planet and neutralizing their negative effects.
  • Additionally, this Shukra Puja is favorable for relationship success, media exposure, attrition power, and confidence.
  • Shukra provides humans with the ability to command their senses and grants them fame and recognition.
  • Reduces the effect of negative energy.


While these pujas hold cultural and traditional significance, it is important to remember that a successful marriage depends on various factors such as mutual love, respect, understanding, and commitment between the partners. While performing pujas can add a spiritual dimension to the wedding preparations and invoke blessings, they should be seen as complementary to the foundational elements that contribute to a happy and fulfilling marriage.

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