Why Bluebird Aviation is 1st Choice for Private Air Charter in Eastern Africa

Why Bluebird Aviation is 1st Choice for Private Air Charter in Eastern Africa

Bluebird Aviation comprehends that time is of the quintessence for our official and prominent customers that is the reason we offer extravagance air contract administrations and ground transport customized to your particular needs.

Bluebird Aviation deals with your schedule all the way. Whatever your calendar, regardless of whether you have a morning introduction in the Midwest or supper that night on the West Coast, we’ll ensure you arrive on schedule and in style.

Bluebird aviation will orchestrate correctly planned street transportation in each area to guarantee you never overlook anything, basically step out of the stream and into a holding up limo or vehicle.

Our official aircraft sanction administrations give adaptability, security, and proficiency, and our perfect contract planes offer luxuries to fulfill the requirements of our most observing customers.

Bluebird Aviation Relief administrations

Bluebird Aviation Cargo Delivery

Bluebird Aviation Passenger contracts

Bluebird Aviation Medical Evacuation

Advantages of Bluebird aviation contract air administration

Outings are organized around your particular agenda and planning needs

Flights are taken into account your selection of dinners and administration

Improved time the executives and efficiency

Security lines, business flight delays, and swarmed air terminal terminals are wiped out

No lost time due to corresponding flights and masterminding ground transportation—we handle everything for you

Our tasks place is accessible all day, every day to help you with a minute ago flight plans and any progressions to your flight schedule.

Aircraft Management and Maintenance Services

Bluebird Aviation offers aircraft the executives administrations for customers who need a site to store and keep up their aircraft. You can be sure that your important resources are being followed and kept up with the most extreme consideration when you put your trust in Bluebird aviation.

Blue Bird Aviation Personal Travel Services

The pressure and bothers of a business flight are the direct opposites of unwinding when you’re going for individual reasons.

Regardless of whether you have to make a family wedding on schedule or you’re anticipating an ocean side excursion, Aviation Services Bluebird Aviation will tweak an agenda fit to your particular needs.

Appreciate a private flight provided food with your selection of suppers and administration, and stay away from security lines, flight delays, and swarmed terminals with our tweaked fly sanction administrations.

Blue Bird Fleet: Features and Safety

Our armada is situated in Dallas, Texas, and incorporates a light stream with private seating for up to eight travelers, and an ample, moderate size fly that likewise gives seating to eight.

Bluebird extravagance planes meet all pertinent security guidelines and prerequisites, and the entirety of our skippers are Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) evaluated and type appraised in their separate aircraft. Our commanders experience routine ground preparing and intermittent test system based preparing.

Our program covers all parts of aircraft the executives, including:

  • Outing planning
  • Aircraft support
  • Climate following
  • Contract income following
  • Fuel buying
  • all day, every day dispatching

Bluebird aviation has built up a Transparent Management Program to assist customers with holding full oversight over their aircraft, its upkeep calendar, and its action.

Not at all like customary projects where upkeep costs and different expenses are frequently altogether increased, Bluebird Aviation furnishes customers with real work and parts solicitations from the merchant for survey you’ll generally know precisely what expenses are related with the administration and support of your aircraft.

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