15 Ways to Darken your Mehndi Design

15 Ways to Darken your Mehndi Design

The mehndi ritual is an integral part of wedding festivities. Every bride to be is somewhat or the other excited to sport a stunning mehndi design on her hands. As the saying goes, the darker the mehndi, the stronger is the bond between the couple. Bearing the pain of sitting through the mehndi application, the mehndi design has to be a dark one. Long gone are the days when you have to wait for your mehndi design to dry completely. Here are some easy ways to make your mehndi design darker.

1. Essential oils are essential

The fastest way to darken your mehndi design is by applying some essential oils. This is the best and the typically used tip to darken your mehndi design. Before you begin with the mehndi application, rub some essential oil on your hands and feet. This would make the mehndi design darker and get a beautiful color.

2. Forget chemicals

Using natural henna is the best idea because it lasts longer than the chemical ones. Natural mehndi comes out darker and leaves you with stunning color.

3. Wash before you start

Ensure to have your hands and feet washed with soap and water before you begin with the application. The presence of dirt or oil on your skin can cause a hindrance in the absorption of henna.

4. Lemon & Sugar

One of the oldest remedies in darkening the mehndi design. Combine some sugar with juice and use a plant disease to use it on your hands and feet once the henna dries up.

It is believed that this straightforward peasy tip works even once laundry off the mehndi and is a solution thereto common question ‘how to create mehndi dark once washing?

5. Clove Steam

Heat some cloves in an open pan and run your hands over the smoke to release the beautiful color of mehndi design.

6. Distance from water

To scrape off your mehndi do not use water. Instead, use a table knife or a card to scrape off the dry flakes. Contact with water will lighten the color. You need to abstain from water at least for 12 hours.

7. Never Blow Dry

It is tempting to dry your mehndi as quickly as possible, however, you must let it dry on its own and not use a blow-dry as it spoils your mehndi design.

8. Shaving or waxing is a big no-no

Once the henna is applied, don’t go for shaving or waxing since it will scrape off the higher layer of your skin ruining your mehndi design and making it look uninteresting.

9. It takes a couple of days

It takes a couple of days for your mehndi design to get the most effective color. You must apply mehndi at least a couple of days prior to your wedding night.

10. A balm or vegetable oil

Once you have shaved off the dry flakes, a balm or vegetable oil will bring out the true color of your mehndi however you have to be very careful with its application as it could reverse your mehndi design to an especially dark shade of brown. Balms have active agents in them which stimulate color development helping in the penetration of henna into the skin. Menthol present within the balm helps darken the color.

11. Say Hi to Vaseline!

Before dozing off to bed, remember to use mineral jelly all over the mehndi design to protect the color.

12. Leave for a longer duration

Probably the easiest fix to get a dark mehndi design. You ought to leave your mehndi for at least 6 to 7 hours and a maximum of 12 hours. Scrape off your mehndi after 6-7 hours or if you are comfortable in keeping it longer, go for it. Make sure you have no contact with water at least before 12 hours. Keeping henna for longer durations would lock the color and give you a rich color.

13. No barrier

Keep your hands and feet clean without any lotion or oil as they could act as a barrier between your skin and your mehndi design, hampering its penetration.

14. Take your bath early

On the day of your mehndi, take your bath as early as possible so that you can delay your next bath for long. As it would not be wise to get into contact with water immediately after the application of mehndi.

15. Avoid direct sunlight

Avoid sitting under direct sunlight while applying the mehndi as sun rays could be harmful and could spoil your mehndi design.

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