7 Ways Chiropractic Care Can Help You After A Car Accident

7 Ways Chiropractic Care Can Help You After A Car Accident

With an increase in the number of vehicles and the level of traffic, there has been a significant increase in the number of motor vehicle accidents. According to statistics, in the year 2018, there were more than 12 million vehicles involved in accidents.

Car accidents happen unexpectedly, and physical & vehicle damage may vary significantly in terms of severity. Some injuries may require immediate care or invasive surgery, while chiropractic care and physical therapists’ intervention are enough for other damages. 

A chiropractor performs an in-depth analysis of the entire body to determine the effect of an accident on the various body parts such as the back, neck, knees, or back. After physical examination, they prepare a thorough treatment plan to help you overcome the repercussions of a motor vehicle injury. 

Here are some ways a chiropractor can help you overcome the repercussions of a motor vehicle accident and eliminate any chances of future injuries. 

How Chiropractic Care Can Help In Recovery From Car Accidents 

 Reduce Inflammation

One of the most common after-effects of a physical injury is inflammation. Minor inflammation is normal and might indicate that the body’s natural healing process is working efficiently. However, too much inflammation can cause tissue damage and can cause discomfort while performing certain activities. 

A physical therapist or a chiropractor performs joint manipulation technique and realign the affected joints. As a result, your body may cut back the inflammation production, reducing inflammation and reducing pain. 

Minimizes Pain

As mentioned in the above point, an expert will perform spinal manipulation during chiropractic treatment to trigger healing. Our body releases pain-relieving hormones during these treatments, and consequently, you can feel relief from pain and discomfort. 

Improves Range Of Motion

Along with pain and scar tissue, another common after-effect of an accident is decreased range of motion. Inflamed muscles make it difficult for nutrients and oxygen to reach the affected area, which ultimately leads to joint stiffness. 

When a chiropractic expert realigns your muscles, anti-inflammatory chemicals are released, and the blood reaches the injured area faster. This means that your injury will heal more quickly, and your entire range of motion will be back as soon as possible. 

Treatment Without Medication 

Some pain-killing medications often work only temporarily to subside the pain. They do not play any part in addressing the cause of pain and healing the symptoms. Moreover, some of the medications can even have potential side effects like addiction. Therefore, it is best not to rely on medicines for recovering from an injury. 

Physical therapists are well aware of advanced techniques that can trigger healing without medications. These techniques address the injury itself rather than focusing on masking the pain. If an individual opts for physical rehabilitation, their reliance on drugs will be minimal. 

Decreases Scar Tissues 

After a car accident injury, it is normal to develop scar tissue due to the damage of muscles and tendons. While healing, the body pays a lot of attention to compensate for the damage caused by the injury, and the by-product of this process is scar tissue. 

Mostly, the tissues will heal on their own and eventually regain their normal function. However, the damaged tissue doesn’t recover in time; it can lead to long-term pain and stiffness. 

A chiropractor applies specific techniques like joint mobilization and instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) to break the tissue up to facilitate faster healing. 

These physical therapy techniques are proven to be incredibly effective in evading any long-term hurdles following an accident injury. 

Avoid Surgery & Chronic Symptoms 

If you do not receive proper care and rehabilitation after a severe car accident, the symptoms of your physical injury can linger for months or even years. Assistance from a physical therapist can help you eliminate the chances of residual pain and deterioration of physical capabilities due to chronic symptoms. 

Patients who fail to receive appropriate physical rehabilitation often complain of lingering pain, leading them to surgical treatments. Your chiropractor will try to allow your body to heal as naturally as possible with the help of non-invasive treatment techniques and reduce the chances of requiring surgery in the future. 

Treatment For Invisible Injury 

Symptoms of some injuries like whiplash do not show up immediately, which makes it hard for general doctors to diagnose them. Despite what the name suggests, these injuries are very much real and can prove dangerous in the long run. 

Chiropractors can identify these injuries and begin the treatment at an early stage. This eliminates the chances of whiplash turning into chronic body pain. Ultimately, receiving chiropractic care at the right time will spare you a lot of recovery time and pain in the future. 

Final Thoughts 

Receiving appropriate care is essential for recovering from a car accident injury. A professional chiropractor can help you recover faster and minimize the lingering symptoms of car accident injury. Whether you have a significant injury or a relatively minor one, it is always a wise decision to opt for chiropractic care. 

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