8 Questions you need to ask your Wedding Hair Stylist Now!

8 Questions you need to ask your Wedding Hair Stylist Now!

You can try out various wedding hairstyles, but there’s one truth that every bride needs to know. It takes tons of bobby pins to make gorgeousness happen. Every bride wants to look like herself on her wedding day, but like a fancier and more fabulous version of herself. And your hairstylist plays a major role in that. The designer dress, the on-point makeup, the million-dollar smile, nothing can save your wedding photos if your mane isn’t perfect.

Most part of the job of a bridal hairdresser is figuring out what the client actually wants and portraying it in a way that will suit the features of the client. So, it’s very important that you, as a client have a crystal-clear Q & A session with your wedding hairstylist before hiring him/her. That’s exactly why we are here to help. The following are the most important and can’t-afford-to-be-missed questions that you need to ask before hiring the best hairdresser in Sydney. Exquisite Bridal Hair is just the hair experts you need on your big day. They have an experience in the hairdressing industry for more than 30 years and will equip you with the perfectly customized hairstyle to match your wedding dress.

Questions to ask before choosing your wedding hairdresser

Your hair and makeup are the last and finishing touches to your jaw-dropping wedding look. So, you would definitely want to put these tasks into good hands. So, you should better get these questions answered before hiring your bridal hair stylist:

1.Portfolio of their work

You need to know if they have references of their past work, and what kind of styles they specialise in. Seeing their portfolio will give you a better idea if they can work with your hair type or deliver the style you want.

2.List of references

You can also ask them for a list of references that you can call up. This will get you all the inside scoop regarding the promptness, attitude, professionalism, and customer satisfaction their service provides.

3.Own products

A very important question that you need to ask them is that will they be bringing their own hairdressing tools and equipment or you need to supply them. Most of them bring their own kit; but if you prefer to use your own products, talk it out with them.


Every hair-stylist charge differently, either they charge by the hour or by person. Before finalising the service, know clearly what packages they offer and what includes what services. Also, ask them about the payment options, cash, or card etc.

5.Place of work

You need to know whether you need to travel to their salon or the stylist works on-site. If you need to travel, make sure to consider the distance and then decide if it can be fit into your wedding day schedule.

6.Their schedule

You need to get an idea if they do only one wedding on a single day, or are they going to another one after yours. If you need the hairstylist for the wedding as well as the reception afterwards, make sure to block the whole day and inquire about the fees accordingly.

7.Assistants or not

You need to know if your hair stylist works alone or is going to bring along assistants. If the ladies in your bride tribe need to get their hair done too, make sure your hairdresser brings along helpers. This will also cut down the pep time.

8.Backup plan

Very importantly, you need to know what happens if your hairdresser falls ill, has an emergency on the wedding day, or needs to cancel on short notice. There needs to be a contingency plan. So, ask them if they have a backup hair stylist who will take their place then.

So, these were the main questions that you need to throw at your hairstylist well before the wedding day. Also, make sure to keep at least 2 hours in hand for your hair to be done properly. Go through various styles, provide them with reference pictures, and make sure to be clear about what you want. Coz, it’s your wedding day after all and you deserve to look nothing but the best.

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