A Guide To Some Of The Weighted Blankets Facts

A Guide To Some Of The Weighted Blankets Facts

Quite a number of people are buying the idea of a weighted blanket for various benefits it has been applauded for, and with the numbers increasing every day there is no doubt that these blankets will be here for a long time. Who in their right mind wouldn’t like the idea of a cuddling or hugging blanket? Well, they much act like hugs mate by proving a relaxing feeling that takes away your worries.

Weighted blankets are very beneficial especially to children and adults with various disorders such as ADD and ADHD. They are also very good at helping with conditions such as insomnia, stress, and anxiety. Weighted blankets have therefore so much to offer and for that reason, you may find yourself in need of one. Many people do not even know they deserve one until they read about them. It is therapeutically proven to provide emotional stability to people with anxiety and other stress-related problems. For beginners, there are a number of facts to familiarize with as far as weighted blankets are concerned. So what are some of them?

Facts about weighted blankets that should be understood

Here are a number of weighted blankets facts that will help you understand their use, benefits, and existence better before buying one.

  • How they work; they are designed to exert gentle and soothing pressure on your body by the help of small glass beads, plastic or even foam beads. The deep touch stimulation is what facilitates your brain to produce more neurotransmitters such as serotonin which in turn enable your body to be calm. When your body is calm, your stress levels go down, you get a peaceful sleep and anxiety is reduced as well.
  • Who can use them; weighted blankets can be used by both children and adults. They are designed to meet the needs of each one of them and therefore they are available in a number of options. Autistic children benefit a lot from them because they aid in helping with the sleep and lowering their energy levels from high levels.
  • Conditions controlled by them; weighted blankets have managed to help people and children with various health concerns such as autism, ADD and ADHD. By facilitating the production of serotonin by the brain, these conditions are brought under control due to the relaxation and calmness of the body. Other conditions like insomnia are also worked on by the same blanket, and by them, one is able to have a calm sleep without any complications.
  • Can toddlers use them; small babies can prove to be quite hectic especially with the sleeping, and every parent would like theirs to have some sleep so that they can rest too. Some companies provide weighted blankets for 2 years old and above, but even before you decide on getting one; you should seek the advice of a professional pediatric.
  • The standard weight for a weighted blanket; the weighted blanket of your choice should be 10% weight of your body weight as well as for the children.

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