Back Surgery: Complications and Success Rate of Spine Surgery?

Back Surgery: Complications and Success Rate of Spine Surgery?

We understand back pain can be so intimidating and provided today’s scenario where we all are mostly glued to our laptops and computers to earn our bread and butter, we forget about the side effects of sitting in the wrong posture and one that majorly leads to back pain. You may have tried everything to cure your back pain from pain-relieving medications to physiotherapy to painkillers and everything else. The last option that your doctor will suggest to you will be spine surgery in India

There is no guarantee that the surgery will also provide you some full relief. Hence, you need to properly discuss your options with your doctor and accordingly make the decision. However, surgery will provide some relief that will make you feel better than before (so, don’t get us wrong, please!). 

The spine is an essential part of our body because our whole body depends (support) on the spine.  Many people from Nigeria prefer to travel to India with the help of HBG medical assistance company for their spine surgery. The cost of spine surgery in Nigeria is high and even the healthcare services are not of profound knowledge. Hence, India has been a  preferred destination when it comes to back surgery. 

Moving on, a back surgery provides benefits as well as comes with certain risks and complications. Spine surgery cost in India is approximately USD 6000 to USD 8000 depending on the level of spine vertebrae. 

What is a spine?

The spine is also known as the vertebral column is a column consisting of 26 bones in an adult body. It plays a vital role in the human body and provides support to the upper body weight allowing movement and flexibility to do everyday routine tasks. 

Back pain may occur due to a number of reasons namely incorrect posture, fracture, tumor, spinal pain, nerve compression, and age-related spinal stenosis, etc. 

A doctor will diagnose to find out the reason behind the back pain. The doctor will ask a few questions related to your health and examine physically followed by few tests such as X-rays MRI, CT scan, nerve conduction velocity, and other important tests required to find the root cause of the back pain, and accordingly, the treatment is recommended. 

Types of Spine Surgery:

There are numerous types of spine surgery, thanks to the advancement in medical science. Few of them include spine rehabilitation treatment, Steroid injections, Decompression and spine fusion, Lumbar spine surgery, microscopic decompression, and many other treatment options. 

If you’re undergoing spine surgery, it may take 3 to 7 hours. The exact number of times will depend on how much damage is caused to the spine. 

Complications of spine surgery:

Some complications that a patient may experience after spine surgery include the following:

  • Bleeding
  • Internal Infection
  • Stroke
  • Heart attack
  • Reaction to anesthesia or drugs
  • Blood clots
  • Herniated discs 
  • Nerve damage that may lead to paralysis, weakness, chronic  pain, bowel movements and erectile dysfunction in men. 

These complications may or may not occur and totally depends on the overall health condition of the patient. These also vary by type of surgery undertaken. 

Having discussed the complications, the success rates will motivate you to undergo spine surgery if needed. 

Success rate of spine surgery:

After the spine surgery, a patient will take at least 3 to 12 month’s period to return to normal activities. Now, the success rate has been observed to be between 70% to 90% depending on the health condition of the patient getting treated.  Medanta Hospital provides the best spine treatment in India along with a list of other top-ranked hospitals. 


Back pain makes the person helpless. The pain is so intimidating. However, India provides a great team of doctors and hospitals are equipped with high technology medical equipment. There are also new treatments available in India for spine surgery. All this gives hope that the back pain will go away soon. 

If you’re from Nigeria or any other country outside India needing help with back surgery- we recommend HBG medical assistance to help schedule all your appointments with doctors and other accommodation requirements. 
The success rate of spine surgery in India is getting high when it comes to back surgery and no wonder every treatment carries certain risks and complications but the benefits of surgery outweigh all the complications.

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