Benefits Of Having Almonds

Benefits Of Having Almonds

Almonds, also known as badam. Almonds are the most loved and most consumed tree nuts. They are highly nutritious. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and healthy fats. Buying almonds might be slightly expensive. By buying bulk almonds, people can get them at a very low cost. Never consume too many almonds in a day. Consuming 4 – 6 almonds per day will be great, but consuming too many almonds every day will have a negative impact on a human’s health in the long run. Having 4- 6 almonds will be beneficial for health.

Nutritional Info of 100 grams of Almonds

  • Calories – 579 calories
  • Protein – 21.13 grams
  • Fats – 49.93 grams (most of the fats are monounsaturated fats)
  • Carbs – 21.54 grams
  • Fibre – 12.50 grams
  • Sugar – 4.35 grams

Almonds are also rich in minerals and vitamins

  • Calcium – 269 mg
  • Magnesium – 270 mg
  • Iron – 3.71 mg
  • Potassium – 733 mg
  • Phosphorous – 481 mg
  • Vitamin E – 25.63 mg

These are a few benefits of almonds: –

1. Almonds Reduce Cholesterol –

A study by the American Dietetic Association says that consuming a few almonds every day will increase the Vitamin E in the RBCs (red blood cells). They also diminish the risk of a person having cholesterol. By boosting the levels of vitamin E in the circulatory system, cell reinforcements are done that protects your cells from developing cholesterol. Hence, having a handful of almonds every day will produce more amount of Vitam E in the circulatory system, and it will prevent the growth of cholesterol.

2. Almonds Prevent Cancer –

There is fibre present in Almonds. Fibres help in detoxifying the human’s body. Almonds help the digestive system. It helps the food to move easily. There is a high amount of fibre that is present in the almonds. It diminishes the chances of the development of colon cancer. Almonds are flooded with vitamin E, which can regulate breast cancer, which is very common in females.

3. Improves Brain Power –

L-carnitine and riboflavin enhance the growth of brain cells; these both are present in almonds. Another main chemical that enhances cognitive function is phenylalanine. Even this chemical is present in almonds. Consuming a few almonds, around 4-6 almonds in the morning, will boost the brainpower.

4. Good for eyes –

While carrots are supposed to be excellent for your eyes, almonds are also rich in vitamin E. It ensures that the eyes are safe and forestall abnormal changes. Hence, eating a handful of almonds will shield your eyes, yet don’t consume a huge amount of almonds as this can prompt unhealthy weight gain. Make sure you consume around 4 – 6 almonds per day.

5. Helps in weight loss –

Overconsumption of almonds will lead to unhealthy weight gain. Almonds are rich in fibre and protein. At the same time, there are a few carbs present in it. This small portion of carbs can control your hunger and doesn’t keep the craving for a long time. This will help an individual to reduce the daily calorie intake. By having a few almonds, an individual can keep control of his or her appetite, which will help in losing unhealthy weight.

6. Almonds regulate blood sugar levels –

Almonds can regulate blood sugar or glucose levels and stabilize them. Magnesium is present in almonds; that is, it is advised to have 4 – 8 almonds per days. However, it plays a crucial role in an individual’s diet, suffering from type 2 diabetes. They need to have almonds every day as it will help in stabilizing their blood sugar levels. When a diabetic consumes a few almonds, then his or her insulin resistance levels will develop; this is because of the magnesium present in it. By buying bulk almonds, people can get them at a very low cost.

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