4 Amazing Benefits of Natural Makeup for Your Health

4 Amazing Benefits of Natural Makeup for Your Health

Women love makeup. That is a fact. Women also love taking care of their skin and body so that they can be flawless all the time. That is also a fact.

Unfortunately, there are thousands of brands on the global market that offer makeup that gives unbelievable results for the current moment but is made with lots of chemicals that harm the skin and may cause serious problems in the long term. This means that women must carefully choose what kind of makeup they use if they want to provide their skin with all the nutrients and look beautiful at any given moment.

Natural Makeup

What Is Natural Makeup?

Natural makeup can’t be defined specifically like the term itself is a vague concept and used by makeup brands in different connotations. However, the idea behind natural makeup is that it is made from natural ingredients such as botanical extracts, minerals and vitamins. Also, it means that chemicals and other harmful ingredients are not used thus the quality of the product can be seen in the effect it has on the skin.

However, the makeup industry misuses and overuses the term because there is no official and legal regulation of its use. So, how can one be sure that the makeup they use is natural? Fortunately, there are legal obligations and certifications that the brands can accomplish to show the customer that their products are indeed natural.

Such certifications are Organic, Plant-Based or Synthetic Free, Cruelty-free and Vegan. Organic makeup is the one whose ingredients are organically farmed and this is strictly regulated by the FDA. But, in order to be sure that the product is really organic one must check the label and see whether there is “made with organic ingredients” (which means that only a certain percentage of the ingredients are organic) or there is an organic seal which would be ideal (since that means that at least 95% of the ingredients are organic).

Plant-Based or Synthetic free means that no man-made ingredients are included in the formula of the product. It implies the fact that it is 100% made of naturally derived elements or compounds. The terms are, once again, not regulated and sometimes the product can be synthetic-free and not organic or the other way around.

Cruelty-free has legally regulated certification which means that none of the ingredients in the formula is tested on animals. Finally, vegan means that no animal products nor byproducts are used in production.

Benefits of Using Natural Makeup

1.No Irritation

The most important benefit of using natural makeup is that it won’t irritate your skin, face or body. The natural ingredients will make sure that the makeup product provides all the necessary nutrients that support the healthy environment of the body. As there are no chemicals, there will be no worries about irritating the sensitive skin. If sensitive skin is in question, none other than natural and organic makeup should be used.

2.No side effects

Not only there will be no irritation but also there won’t be any side effects such as acne, eye infections, hormonal imbalance, premature skin ageing or skin allergies. Non-natural products have artificial colours and fillers that cause redness and breakouts and one continuously uses them they can lead to harming the general health.

3.Improve the skin’s texture

Natural makeup products with all its nutrients, minerals and vitamins manage to improve the texture of the skin and bring it several steps closer to looking and feeling flawless. Basically, these products give the skin health and when them regularly, there are no clogged pores, pimples, blackheads or premature wrinkles. Instead, a softer complexion is achieved.


By using natural makeup you not only take care of your skin but for the environment as well. The natural products are eco-friendly as no chemicals are evaporating in the air or draining in the water. And given the fact that we must wake up before its too late and save the planet from slow destruction, choosing a healthy solution of makeup is one of the steps we must make.

The Bottom Line

Many women are convinced that if the makeup doesn’t give instant and visible results, the product is a failure. However, as an old saying goes “Good things take time”, a healthy, beautiful and natural skin is the results of a long-term investment in quality products that will support the look. Yes, the chemically enriched product might make your eyes pop up and be the centre of attention or the foundation might hide all the imperfections and make the face spotless but the price to pay is very high. You might look flawless today, but what about at night before you go to bed or tomorrow when you wake up with a nasty breakout? For sure, it is something worth reflecting.

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