Best Face Mask Options For Corona Virus Protection

Best Face Mask Options For Corona Virus Protection

N95 surgical masks and respirators are used as personal protective equipment to protect the respiratory system from any airborne diseases. In 2009 when United States experienced an outbreak of the Swine Flu, everyone was much concerned and working to reduce the virus spread.

As per CDC or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the vaccine also was not available for the virus and therefore people started wearing surgical face mask to avoid and stop virus transmission. Similarly with the recent spread of novel corona virus people have to again look for Surgical Face Masks to protect themselves.

But, in real can the masks prevent spread of corona virus; we will see some recommendations by the expert. That will help you to decide its suitability for anyone.

Expert Opinion

For novel corona virus or COVID spread, CDC notes that simple covering of face through any face mask or surgical face mask, can reduce the spread of virus. CDC experts suggest and recommend following points for everyone:

  • People should cover their face by a piece of cloth to cover their nose and mouth. This can bbe considered as an additional health measure to reduce spread of COVID-19.
  • As per CDC guidelines healthcare workers must wear surgical face masks while being with the patients
  • CDC also recommends that the patents with respiratory problem must also be provided face masks until they can be isolated
  • Moreover, if anyone is sick and need to go at social place, then he/she should properly protect himself by wearing a mask

So, everyone should wear the mask to protect himself.

Types of Masks

If you are considering masks to protect yourself against any infection, then you can find following types of masks for yourself:

1.Surgical Face Masks

These masks are approved by the Food and Drug Administration to be used by health professionals like doctors, nurses, dentists and other health professionals. These surgical masks prevent large droplets of bodily fluids that may contain several germs and virus from being spread.

Indus valley face masks can be bought online that has enough filters that can easily keep the virus away from you.

2. Respirators or N95 Masks

N95 surgical masks or respirators are used as personal protective equipment to protect the wearer from any liquid contamination and airborne particles. These are certified masks by CDC. As they can filter 95 percent of the particles so are known as N95.

These masks are also used at the time of painting or handling potentially toxic materials. The respirators are selected to fit the face. They have a perfect seal and no gap is there that it can allow entrance of any airborne virus infection or disease like anthrax or tuberculosis.

3. Cloth Face Masks

Cloth face masks or coverings can be used in public places like grocery stores, market and others. When it become difficult to maintain the distance from others then you can use these clothe masks. The cloth masks help in preventing virus transmission via respiratory droplets. These masks can be made at home by anyone.


Face masks have become essential for everyone. If you want to protect yourself from any dangerous virus then by buying Indus Valley Surgical Face Mask you can do this. These masks are equipped with great filters that can keep the contaminated fluid away from you and your respiratory system.

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