Guide To Choose The Best Highlights From A Professional Hair Lightening Treatment Salon

Guide To Choose The Best Highlights From A Professional Hair Lightening Treatment Salon

The one hairstyle that is eternal and irreplaceable is a highlight. Like the weather, Experimenting with hair colours changes with trends. If you do not want to try on funky colours like red, then hair lightening treatments are just perfect for you. Hair lightening treatment gives a subtle look yet they make you stand out from the crowd. The success of the hair lightening treatment is dependent on how well the colour suits you and brings out your character. Also, the hair lightening treatment salon that you are choosing is a magical factor behind success. The best hairdressers are a few clicks away. How does Dominic’s hairdressing help hair salon nearby?

What is a highlight?

When surfing online you may have come across three different terms related to hair lightening which are a highlight, low light and baby light. To a layman, all the three might seem the same however, all the three are not the same. Highlights are colours used to make few sections of the hair lighter say the award-winning hairdresser. The lightening treatment is done by hand painting a small weave of the hair section. The hair lock is then wrapped by foil. Thinner the section, higher will be the effect of highlight. Highlights intensify the texture of your hair and accentuate the natural look.

Defining low lights

If a darker shade is used to create a depth effect to the hair it is known as low lights. If you want your hair to look darker, then highlights are the best option.

Don’t choose on an impulse

It is best to choose a highlight that compliments your skin tone. The highlight that you are choosing has to work well with your natural and notch it up. A colour that doesn’t sing to your skin tone will end up making you look dull and toned out. Here is a piece of expert advice from the best hair lightening treatment salon to embrace your skin tone and select the right highlight.

Determine the skin tone

The beauty world is consumed by long-lasting debates on the perfect skin tone. With everlasting debates finding the right skin one is a difficult job. The hair lightening treatment salon will help you in deciding your skin tone. A skin tone comes down to four types; dark cool, light cool, dark warm and light warm.

Cool tone: blue-brown melanin is high in concentration thus showing a blue undertone

Warm skin: this type of skin tone has high orange-brown melanin, therefore, expressing a yellow undertone

Dark cool tones

  • Dark cool-tone people will have rosy cheeks and the Natural hair colour will be mostly black or light brown with no auburn or red tones at the root.
  • For a fresh look soft ash toned highlights are the best. If your hair is pre-dyed, go for lightening with a shade that is three degrees higher.

Light cool tones

  • People with light cool tones have fair or light olive skin that gets tan quickly. They pose a stunning Natural hair colour from light blonde to dark with no visible orange tones at the root.
  • If you are one with such skin tone Natural ash and balayagebeachy lights will work wonders.

Dark warm tones

  • Creamy white, fair skin is the characteristics of people with a dark warm tone. They get sunburns so easily. Auburn, copper, or brown with red undertones from the root is the natural colour of hair.
  • Rich caramel shade highlights will define your beauty and put you in the spotlight.

Light warm tone

  • People with a light warm skin tone have Creamy ivory or peachy pink skin colour. Natural strawberry blonde or golden blonde hair with an orange tone from the root is what defines them.

People with this skin tone are spoilt for options. Anything that has a warm base will look stunning.

Why choose the best hair lightening treatment salon?

Only at the best hair lightening treatment salon, your skin tone will be embraced and your imagination will be given a canvas and brought to reality. At Dominic’s hairdressing, we define beauty the way you want and make you stand out from the crowd. Get lightening treatment from our professionals and redefine your style statement.

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