Here’s Why Blue-Cut Eyeglasses are Gaining in Popularity : Everything you should know about them!

Here’s Why Blue-Cut Eyeglasses are Gaining in Popularity : Everything you should know about them!

The blue-light blocking glasses are more than just a fad. It is a collective moment by health-conscious individuals to negate the side effects of overtly exposing themselves to digital devices. Blue light blocking glasses are catching everyone’s attention, even those who do not need eye correction glasses. A plethora of eCommerce sellers are putting up lucrative offers to help people buy eyeglasses online in India including the option to add blue-cut lenses instead of the anti-glare ones.

These types of lenses are popular because more and more people are now glued to digital devices like smartphones and computers/laptops. Such screens emit blue light which can harm eyes over some time. Many people work as much as 1,700 staring at the computer screen. Note that this excludes the time they spend on looking at other screens when not at work like Televisions, Theaters, Mobile Phones, etc.

Where to find Blue Cut Lenses Online?

There are a plethora of online and offline options to choose your next blue cut lenses. You can always visit your nearest optic store to experience the difference between anti-glare and blue cut lenses. Check out the prices and compare the same with prices online. Go for the one that offers great value for money.

How Blue Cut Lenses are Beneficial

Blue light is almost everywhere including the one emitted by the sun which isn’t bad in itself. Blue light itself isn’t a bad thing. It’s everywhere, including in sunlight. Researches suggest that blue wavelength existing at the high end of the spectrum which sits right before the UV help boost attention, mood and retention time.

  • Reduce eye strain
    Anyone watching TV or playing video games doesn’t move their eyes much as they are fully attentive. Typically, a human eye blinks for about 15 times in a minute but when on digital screens the blink is about a third to a half. This makes your eyes dry and puts some massive strain.This digital eye strain is also called computer vision syndrome which causes vision problems and discomfort in eyes due to extended viewings on electronic devices. When such a condition coupled with blue light, reduced blink rate and extended hours of screen viewing with no breaks add to such strain.Using blue-light-blocking glasses will make eyes feel more comfortable and less fatigued. Even the recent study suggests that reducing eye strain is key to keep stress and headaches away. Blue cut lenses help cut the harsh lights that pass from the digital screen to eyes.

Why Blue Cut Lenses are a Safe Bet?

There are no studies that suggest usages of blue cut lenses leading to macular degeneration as much of the blue light is filtered through the cornea and lens. Therefore, the amount is not as much as it believed and therefore, choosing to go ahead with a blue cut lens ensure cutting so the amount that hits the retina is not as much as one might think. Here is how Blue Cut Lenses help you in providing a unique viewing experience.

  • Lenses with blue light filter can significantly reduce the eyestrain syndrome by half which is mainly associated with prolonged computer use. Research indicated the blue cut lenses can plummet eyestrain wherein it showed 2.42 symptoms before versus the 1.47 symptoms when exposed to blue coating (p=0.04).
  • Lenses treated with a blue filter coating were given to those participants who were having eyestrain symptoms due to prolonged exposure to digital screens. There was quite an improvement in symptoms like sticky eyes, dry eyes and the sand-like sensation in the eye.
  • Blue cut lenses improves the vision overall along with viewing performance during the low contrast situations.

Using Blue Cut Lenses for Outdoors and Indoors

While using blue filtered lenses for indoors is common, the same can be used in outdoors as well. There are plenty of ways how wearing blue cut outdoors can help to protect your eyes by absorbing the HEV blue rays. Try asking eye care professional to experience the technology behind such lenses. And even if you buy blue cut glasses online ensure they provide utmost blue light and UV protection while catering to your basic needs.


There are orange and yellow lenses that help to cut the blue lights. But this was something back in the ‘80s. Now, the coating of lenses does not change the way how objects appear through it so there is no compromise in vision colors with blue cut lenses. The modern-day coating is usually there to reduce the glare, resist any scratching and defend the eyes from any possible UV radiations. Ultimately, go for these blue light blocking lenses if you are experiencing eye fatigue, frequent headaches and eye strain. If you are planning to buy the eyewear, ask for blue cut lenses online or any optic store near you.

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