How to Create a Perfect Look At Home – Styling Tips

How to Create a Perfect Look At Home – Styling Tips

Admit it, none of us wants to go out in this cold winter season to buy stuff. Also, it is quite straining for the pocket too. But it is also a reality that we cannot get rid of the compulsion of getting dressed daily, like ever!

There was a time when I used to think that spending lots of money on styling was the key to attaining a perfect style. I spent hundreds of bucks on online dress shopping, filling my cart till my credit card could take it no longer. But with time and lots of practice, it became clear that money is not an indispensable factor in styling. So, here are the amazing styling tips without having to go out or spending a fortune!

Decide What Style You Want

If you have a budget of say, $50, would you like to spend it on buying four or five average-priced clothing items, or on a single pair of high-end branded heels?

Both choices can work, but the important question here is, what is better for you? I have seen people at malls with carts full of inexpensive clothes that they cannot even wear to work. Then there are those who buy branded and luxury clothing items that are never worn for the risk of spoiling them. These stay forgotten in the corner of their wardrobes and are rarely recovered.

So, before you choose which pieces of clothes to allow into your wardrobe, think and select the ones which you can use, and style according to your environment.

See What You Already Have

Remember the clothing items in the back of the wardrobe we talked about? Yes, now is the time to get them out and review them. Take everything out on the bed, and evaluate everything based on color and usage.

Do you have too many pinks and no blues? Do you have more informal than formal shoes? How many of your tops can you wear to work too? The answers to such questions can help you sort and decide what other clothing items or accessories you need to buy. It will also clarify your existing styling options.

Buy the Classics More Often

Always remember, few quality pieces of clothing and accessories are much better than piled up clothes that you never use. Go for quality and classy items that make you look good, and you can always add an embellishment to make them trendy.

For example, a classic black dress will always look good, but you can customize it according to the fashion trends. Maybe add a pair of chic earrings.

Classic items may vary from person to person, depending on personal styling preferences and choice. But while choosing, go for items that have a timeless quality to them. Which you can carry off well anytime and anywhere and can survive a hundred items of washing.

Like a good pair of skinny jeans is a classic. Durable brown leather boots can be included in the list too, as you can pair them with several looks.

Look Out for Online Shopping Deals

If you don’t feel like going out much, it is most likely that online shopping is your favorite past time, even before I mentioned it. Online shopping has its perks. There are such amazing deals all the time, and you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home..

When going for online shopping, buy items that do not have size restrictions, like bags, and scarves, etc. If buying shoes or clothes, always buy from brands that have familiar sizing criteria.

Pro tip: you can get your favorite online items cheaper if the brand is offering free shipping. And even if an issue appears in the sizing or fitting, you can always have it altered from their local store.

Change All the Buttons

Yes, you read that right. You can make your styling game interesting by doing this little thing. Change the buttons on your clothes. Switch your painfully simple ones with one more solid and richer looking. You can go for ones in metal or pearl to add a stylish look to your otherwise dull outfit instantly. You can even harvest a few interesting ones from your old outfits. I found an amazing shop in the neighborhood that sells old eastern women wedding dresses. I bought some interesting buttons from there and sewed on my dresses giving them a new look.

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