Dental Clinic Located Near Calgary

Dental Clinic Located Near Calgary

Whether you’re new to the city, you’ve recently moved or you’ve made the tough decision to find a new dentist in Calgary, you’ll likely be trying to determine which option is best for you. While everyone has different needs and unique challenges when it comes to their oral health, there are still some key factors you can look for to help you narrow down your search. Because regardless of what area of the city you live in, there are a lot of dentists in Calgary!

When I am looking for a dentist near me, here are the key things I tend to look for:

  1. Proximity – Location is always key, don’t ever tell yourself it’s not! Look for a dental clinic that is close to your home, work, school or any other place that you frequent. You’ll see the dentist in Calgary a minimum of twice a year (way more if you have kids), so you want it to be convenient to get to, or in an area you enjoy going to. I always prefer to have a dentist near me that is close to an area I like to shop in. That way dentist visits give me an excuse for something fun too!
  2. Schedule – Most people have some schedule restrictions or preferences. Consider what yours are and take a quick check on a dental clinic’s website to ensure there is a match. This is a super easy way to weed out options and narrow in on those that work!
  3. Fees – Cost is really important but obviously not everything. Look for a dental clinic that follows the Alberta Fee Guide, but be prepared to pay a bit more for a dentist in Calgary that has specialties or a really positive reputation.
  4. Staff – Take a quick read through the bios on a dental clinic website and check out their team. Give them a call and ask a few questions. Get a sense of the type of people you’ll be working with and how they will treat you. It’s imperative that you feel comfortable going to the dentist and the actual dentist, hygienist, assistants and reception team are key pieces to creating a comfortable experience for you.

These are the things I look for in a dentist near me, but you may have additional things to add to the list such as direct billing options, parking, onsite specialist services and much more. Use this list as a starting point to compile your own list of things you’re looking for in a dentist in Calgary before you start looking. That way you’re very clear on what you need and want and can quickly rule out options that don’t fit.

Once you have a few options to consider, pop into their office for a meet and greet so you can get to know the dentist in Calgary that you’re considering in person.

Finding a dentist near me took me some time, but it was well worth the effort and I’m sure you’ll find the same. Good luck in your search for a dentist in Calgary!

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