Do You Have a Hard Time Losing Weight?

Do You Have a Hard Time Losing Weight?

Do you have a hard time losing weight? Use these 3 allies to eliminate the kilos that you have left over Dieting means choosing the most adrena thrive healthy foods in an appropriate way and this includes discarding foods with a high content of saturated fats and simple or refined sugar. Is it hard for you to lose weight? use these 3 Allies to eliminate the extra pounds! Use them to better combine your diet and at the same time inject that dose of vitality you need for your day to day!

Everything is important !, the main meals (breakfast-lunch-dinner) and snacks (lunch-snack), it is not worth making a very complete breakfast and a disastrous dinner, we must prioritize all the time cooking in a simple way, without adding sauces, moderating rations and another important aspect that is sometimes forgotten, do not abuse salt.

Is it hard for you to lose weight? Use these 3 Allies to eliminate the kilos that you have left!


They are great for losing weight and promote diuresis. When you spend with the salt you consume every day the kidneys do not adequately eliminate the excess and increases fluid retention, the WHO recommendations is not to exceed 5 g per day but also … If you are attacked by hunger and snacking go first to an infusion, sometimes you can confuse hunger with dehydration and if what happens is that you have cravings learn to control what you eat with these 5 foods!

Green Tea: It has a diuretic effect, satiating and is a great antioxidant! Take it mid-morning or mid-afternoon with the juice of 1 lemon.

Celery Leaves: They help calm the nerves and have a good digestive effect.


If you prepare them well, removing the visible fat is a good source of hydration and minerals, they are satisfying and will comfort you in a busy day. Start your meal with a depurative broth and add a few drops of lemon before lunch or dinner.

And if what you prefer is to take it as the only dish for dinner, similarly remove the visible fat and eat all the vegetables and protein that you have added, a tip: chicken or fish are ideal for dinner, and remember to cook with a pinch of salt.

Add cilantro or parsley to add flavor to your broth

Vegetable broth: celery, spinach, chives and chicken: ideal for dining and relaxing

Fish stock: hake, carrot, potato and cilantro

Juices or Smoothies

They are an anti-toxins snack, ideal to promote the work of your liver and kidney, in addition to providing energy and nutrients. Be very careful when washing fruits and vegetables and learn to prepare your smoothies correctly.

They are ideal to take to work and you can even prepare a full breakfast with one of them, you can include seeds or nuts choose the 4 best to lose weight.

Spinach smoothie: pineapple, kiwi and 5 almonds, a multivitamin cocktail for your body.

Cucumber and pear lettuce smoothie: very depurative to lower belly and deflate your belly With these three ideas incorporated into your diet you will surely eliminate the extra pounds, remember to drink lots of water and do some exercise.

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