Does Face Serum works as a Moisturizer?

Does Face Serum works as a Moisturizer?

Many people often confuse face serum with moisturizer. However, the two products serve different functions and provide essential benefits for skin. A good face serum will nourish the skin while a good moisturizer will protect and hydrate it.

To understand the difference between the two products, let us first define what they are. A face cream is a hydrating and nourishing cream that you apply on the entire surface of your body.

A face serum contains ingredients that nourish the skin and prevent it from aging.

The first step in the application of a face serum is to cleanse your skin. Serums contain a small amount of alcohol, and the ingredients in them can clog your pores.

Afterwards, you should apply your serum. You should avoid hot water, as it will restrict absorption. Also, you should use tepid water.

Using hot or cold water on your face can cause your skin to become dry, which will inhibit the absorption of the serum. Moreover, your skin should be moist, as dry skin will delay the penetration of the serum, causing irritation.

Despite the confusion, skincare professionals recommend applying a face serum after toning. It will help the skin cope with changing temperatures and winds and prevent it from drying out. If applied correctly, a face serum will help fade pigmentation and brown spots. Niacinamide Face Serum increase the moisture in the skin, which means that it won’t be as effective as a heavy moisturizer. A good facial serum should be applied twice a day: after cleansing and toning, and then your nighttime moisturizer.

As with any product, you should avoid using a face serum more than once a day. Your skin can only absorb so many vitamins in a 24-hour period. This will cause the skin to dry out. While this won’t harm your skin, it will waste a good serum. A face serum should be used as a moisturizer once per day. A daily use of a face serum is not recommended for everyone.

A face serum should be applied before your moisturizer. The reason for this is that moisturizers seal in other products and hinder the absorption of serums. Besides moisturizing, a face serum should also be formulated with anti-aging ingredients. If you have dry or sensitive skin, you should avoid using a face serum before your moisturizer. But if you have normal or oily skin, you should choose a serum with a higher concentration of vitamin C.

Depending on the skin type, a face serum can be the best option for your skin. Those with oily skin should avoid using a moisturizer with an acidic ingredient. A glycolic-based serum contains a high concentration of glycolic acid, which keeps the skin hydrated and rejuvenated. While a moisturizer can prevent your skin from drying out, a face serum has a more general purpose.

While a face serum is a necessary skincare product, some people prefer a face moisturizer instead. A good moisturizer has a higher concentration of active ingredients than a facial lotion. A good serum will be water-base and non-oily. A facial serum is more absorbent, so you can use it without a moisturizer. You can combine a face serum with a moisturizing cream if you’d like.

A face serum is a liquid that contains powerful ingredients. When used on the skin, it works to improve the skin’s appearance and rehydrate it. While a moisturizer does not work to fight acne, a serum can be an excellent choice for a person with dry or flaky skin. The latter will also prevent the skin from losing moisture. It will also protect the skin from UV damage. It can be apply after a moisturizer and a facial gel.

While a face serum is a moisturizer, it is important to remember that a face serum is a potent skincare product. A face serum is more absorbent than a moisturizer. While a face oil will seal in your other skincare products, a facial serum will penetrate the skin barrier. Therefore, if you use a face oil before a skin cream, you will benefit from its benefits.

As we see that a face serum helps to reduce pigmentation issues & maintain skin tone, it helps to remove acne marks while applying as mask overnight, resurfacing the skin and remove damage cells from top layer of your skin while applying face serum for longer period of time.

Now when we discuss about moisturiser the main common difference, it is thicker and hydrates the skin and protects from water loss in the skin cell. you should apply moisturiser after serum because serum has active components to work deeply in the skin.

Main role for moisturiser is to hydrate the skin reduce hyperpigmentation from skin. As serum has active components that moisturisers, so the price of serum is also higher than moisturisers.

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