Effects of Water on Hair

Effects of Water on Hair

We have been listening to this since childhood that “8 glass of water daily do wonders to our health”. Well, of course it does bring wonders to our health but something’s missing here. Yes, not just our health but it also brings charms to our beauty: to our skin and our hair.

Can you imagine that the cheapest and easily available thing in the whole world can make our hair look gorgeous and stunning

But wait, no doubt water is wonderful for our hair but it can also damage our hair to a great extent if it is even a slightest hard.

Given below are all the good and bad effects of water on our health.

Good Effects of Water on Our Hair

Drinking an adequate amount of water daily can have a really pleasant effect on your hair:

Makes them Stronger and Healthier

Dehydration impacts our hair directly making them weaker and thinner. Each shaft of our hair consists of 25 % of water. And when our hair doesn’t get the required amount of water. The shaft begins to get weaker which leads to its breakage. Thus, drinking lots of water daily makes our hair stronger and healthier.

Gets Rid of Dandruff

Most people think that dandruff is due to the dryness of our scalp. It is true to some extent, but it mostly happens that people massage their scalp regularly with oil and still don’t get rid of the dandruff. The reason is the internal dryness. Lack of water makes our body lost its fluid and when our body runs out of the water, it becomes difficult for the cells to provide enough moisture to the hair roots which in results leads to dandruff. So, drink a great amount of water regularly to make your scalp dandruff free.

Provides vital nutrients to our hair

Water acts as a carrier of oxygen and vital nutrients to each cell of the body. The cells present in the hair root are provided with all the necessary vitamins and minerals via water that provide the energy and promote the hair growth increasing their length and making them thicker.

Repairs Split Ends and Brittle Hair

Split ends and brittle hairs are the result of dryness of hair. When the roots of your hair run low on water or when your hair is exposed to the harsh weather, they lost their moisture. You can regain the moisture through oils but what will you do of the dried root cells. Drink a lot of water so that the cell can recover the loss of their water, repair your split ends and make your brittle hair go away.

Bad Effects of Hard Water on Our Hair

Though water helps our hair in a lot of ways, but when it becomes hard, it can also damage our hair in the worst way.

Causes Hair Fall

Hard water being rich in magnesium, calcium and silica destroys our hair follicles weakens the hair strands and leads to hair fall. It also causes dryness and dandruff which are the biggest reasons for falling hair. Apart from this it also makes your hair look dull and thin. But not to worry about here we will discuss the treatment for Hair loss and preventive measures to avoid Hair loss.

Makes the Shampoos Ineffective

As we all know the hard water doesn’t create a good lather. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t create the lather at all. No lather means no absorption of soap and shampoo in the scalp and hair. Thus, the hard water makes the shampoos ineffective on the hair.

Blocks the Pores of Your Scalp

The minerals of larger molecular size present in the hard water like calcium and minerals are difficult to pass through pores and openings of cells. When we wash our water with the hard water, these minerals get stuck in the pores of our scalp and blocks them which in results keeps the vital nutrients and moisture out of our cells. This weakens our hair and leads to the destruction of our hair follicles.

Encourages the Diseases to Grow in

When minerals present in hard water build up in your scale, they provide a habitat to bacteria, fungus and encourages the growth of bacterial and fungal infections.

Preventive Measures Against Hard Water

Your hairs play the biggest role in your beauty, plus they also act as a temperature regulator, so we have to protect them against hard water. There are some preventive measures you can take to avoid the destruction of hair.

  • You can use water softeners
  • You can install shower filters in your showers
  • You can use leave-in conditioners and moisturizing hair masks
  • You can condition your hairs with apple cider and lemons.

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