Enter the fun world of fantasy with the Barber courses in Melbourne

Enter the fun world of fantasy with the Barber courses in Melbourne

Though the salon hairdressing culture may appear like a fantasy world, it is very competitive and requires specific skills of excellence. Looking at all the fancy highlighting in the town and the show business world, it does appear like a carefree world. Yet, the professional stylists had to work hard with theory and practical lessons on mannequins and real client in order to get there.  Successful training completed, it feels good to be in demand, internationally perhaps, along with the Australian market. Luck and time have favored the company set up in 1975 by Pavlos Divitaris. The present leadership of Simon and Ben Divitaris, Lyndal Salmon and Mirella with the two training centers at Fitzroy and Melbourne run the leading Barber courses in Melbourne. 

A fanciful and artistic profession like none other!

Can hairstyling be compared to tattooing, nail art and even painting and sculpture? Unlike trades that use technology and machinery, artistic skills lie at the root of hairstyling. Esthetic values reign supreme, though practical aspects matter, like short hair and simple styles being conveniently managed. Special occasions may call for elaborate hairstyles, according to the prevailing social customs. Propped up by advanced technology with the best equipment and the majorinternational brands supplying dyes, shampoo and wigs, it is an intimate set up.

Learn current techniques in Barber courses in Melbourne

Some aspects are common to every profession like the need to update skills and abilities and get in tune with the changing trends. Along with Australians, this school attracts students from several other countries. Starting as a training ground initially for their own staff, why not share skills and resources with the global industry? Along with students diligently pursuing barber courses, some who graduated earlier opt for the UPSKILL and REFRESH sessions to keep in touch and pick up a few new techniques. Cutting or Coloring, Dress and Style, along with other aspects, are constantly evolving like the financial markets.

Share the thoroughly practical hands-on approach

Online educational simulations do help those who cannot attend live sessions to train for some reason, and everybody should get a chance. The training succeeds very well because as much as 80% of the activities would be practiced on real clients. Mannequin-based training activity may account for 20%. Theory, skills and confidence, an appreciation of client requirements and the desire to excel are necessary. An interest would suffice to commence upon a career path with the immense possibilities and the superb training and trainers inculcate the qualities needed to succeed.

Nationally accredited providers, much awarded

It feels good to bask in the sunshine of the media but forty years and more have been a challenging journey that led to a sustained place in the industry. Several awards decorated their pursuits across the Melbourne salons. As a leader, the responsibility brings euphoria and responsibility to set the pace and mold the future professionals for rewarding careers. Finally, after the training is done, it is sustained dedicated work that would bring success in the long run. The company launches the motivated career into orbit. Commence one of the Basics, Apprenticeship or Certificate Barber courses in Melbourne with BIBA ACADEMY and never look back.

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