How Strong Are Dental Implants?

How Strong Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are lost teeth alternatives that are designed to last for years, or even a lifetime if they receive proper care to extend their life span. They are the modern state of the art technology offering a solution to substitute natural teeth, and artistically look great. Their maintenance is easy to keep them looking and feeling great for years and hopefully, complications free.

Sufficient bone presence in the jaw is compulsory, to ensure the implants are stable and successful. If needed, a bone grafting procedure can be performed to create a supporting base to hold them. With all the preparations and courtesy, there are reasons they are the strongest tooth replacement choice:

  • They look and function just like natural teeth, and are a reliable tooth replacement option.
  • They are made of titanium and are built to last for years.
  • They are anchored to the bone instead of the tooth’s roots, and this allows them to be stronger.
  • They are able to withstand more pressure than natural teeth.
  • They are built to last for years or even a lifetime with proper maintenance.

Dental implant cost for one tooth could vary in Dubai since it relies on the patient’s oral health. Implant strength varies as well depending on the choice of its quality as well. However, they could be stronger than natural teeth due to their solid titanium durable nature. Although, the crown is similar to natural teeth, it could break or get chipped, but this also means that it will function as good as if not better than natural teeth when it comes to chewing and speaking.

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