How Teeth Whitening Works with Different Possible Options
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How Teeth Whitening Works with Different Possible Options

How Teeth Whitening Works with Different Possible Options

It might be really confusing to decide if or not you are the right candidate for whitening teeth and whether or not you can perform it at home or should see a dentist. Whiter teeth is a great way to boost confidence level and so, you would like to discover different options with in-home products and by speaking with your dentist before performing your teeth whitening procedure.

Your Harley Street teeth whitening dentist will determine how your teeth will respond and the suitable option for you. If they ask for at-home whitening, make sure you select the products that have ADA Seal of Acceptance and use them as directed. But when you need to perform dental work such as implants, crowns or veneers, then you might not be able to use whitening products or perform whitening method as the products will not work on bonding or porcelain materials. When there are stains on your natural teeth, you should look for the best possible options to get rid of them.

Different kinds of teeth whitening treatments

You need to clean your teeth by a dental professional in order to get rid of unwanted stains that occur due to foods, drinks or smoking.

  • Use whitening toothpaste to eliminate surface stains during the dental visits.
  • Take whitening strips or whitening gel for more than basic cleaning
  • Choose for bleaching purpose as the products can be purchased by visiting a dentist or available over-the-counter for the bleaching gel to work properly on the stubborn stains
  • Your dentist prepare a customised mouthpiece for at-home bleaching and with different kits available, make sure you use them as instructed to attain the best possible results.
  • If you have permanently stained or damaged teeth, the dentist will suggest bonding or veneers to solve the problem of damaged or uneven teeth or for getting specific results.

Type of teeth whitening treatment to perform

It is important to start a conversation with your dentist before opting for OTC product on the teeth. Different whitening methods work well for specific causes of the teeth stains.

If you have yellow teeth, then they will respond properly to bleaching, while grey or brown teeth might not do so. If the teeth have been striped or have lots of fluoride, then they may not whiten properly after bleaching is done. You should also not do bleaching in case you are having tooth-colored crowns, fillings, bonding or cap in the front teeth. Also, the materials being used for making these products are not suggested to be bleached so that the color of your restorative material does not change. In case of natural teeth, crowns or veneers, bleaching may cause imperfect look, and unchanged color of the dental work will appear in your improved smile.

When you suffer from sensitive teeth or periodontal disease, you may want to prevent chemical whitening products as well as techniques that can make the teeth highly sensitive and cause irritation to the gums when not protected.

If there are stains due to medication you have taken or other reasons and you still want to have brighter and whiter smile, then different products are there such as porcelain veneers to be placed over your natural teeth.

Having brighter and whiter smile should be your ultimate goal and the first thing to consider is improved dental hygiene habits. This means you should brush with whitening toothpaste after taking each meal or after drinking coffee or dark soda and floss daily. When these things do not give you the confident smile, talk to a dentist for teeth whitening treatment for your improved appearance. You will look and feel good with whiter teeth and attractive smile.

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