How to Apply Makeup for a Fancy Party

How to Apply Makeup for a Fancy Party

To get fully ready for a fancy party, there are a few aspects you need to think of. You should carefully choose your outfit, depending on the occasion, along with the perfectly matching shoes and a bag, the hairstyle that would go with your look, accessories as well as makeup. Everything should be in accordance with one another. Applying makeup for a fancy party is similar to applying everyday makeup, the only difference being bolder colour and perhaps a bit more shimmer than usual. Nevertheless, your makeup should both look and feel light, you won’t feel comfortable if you’re constantly going to worry about your makeup getting smeared. In order to avoid that, there are a few useful tips to follow. Everything starts with the skin, you should take really good care of it. It’s especially important to keep your glowing skin fresh in summer, as these months tend to be harsh on our skin. Then come the eyes and some final touches such as blush, lips and setting your makeup.


Prep your face in the right way

Skin prep is an essential step you shouldn’t skip. It’s of key importance to maintaining it clean and healthy, so it could be a perfect base for your makeup. There are a few crucial steps when it comes to the right skin prep.

Cleanse it

You should start with cleansing your skin as in that way you remove any dirt and excess oil you have on your face. For this step, most women usually use a mild cleansing product and a makeup cloth to wash their face thoroughly. You should use warm water and a cotton towel to pat it dry. If you’re attending an evening party and you have makeup from that day on, make sure that you remove it first with remover cloths and an appropriate solution. Be careful when it comes to the choice of products, not all products work for all skin types. You should find ones that don’t irritate your face.

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Moisturize it

The next step after cleansing your face is moisturizing. It is also an important step, especially before applying makeup as it helps bring back balance to your skin and it helps to prevent drying or flaking, which are quite annoying and can easily ruin a makeup look you’re trying to rock. You should opt for a moisturizer that suits your skin type. Ideally, it would be oil-free as well as the one that doesn’t clog your pores. Applying moisturizer to your face should be a daily thing, in the morning and the evening for optimal results and radiant skin at all times. Remember that you can’t fix damaged skin in two days.

Apply primer

After prepping your skin with the previous steps, it’s time for primer. Many women skip the primer as they think it’s unnecessary, but in fact, it is a product you definitely shouldn’t omit. Firstly, a primer helps your makeup last longer. Secondly, a good primer is able to even out your face and hide all the little imperfections. It is perfect for parties that last long and that involve a lot of dancing, as by applying it, you won’t have to reapply your makeup constantly. Also, it creates a matte look on your face, removing all the excess shininess. You should apply a few drops on your face and blend it in either with your fingers or a sponge. Let it sit for a few minutes and only then move on to the next step that is applying foundation.

Apply foundation and concealer

And finally, we come to foundation and concealer. First of all, you should have a perfect shade of foundation chosen, and you should apply it and blend it in either with your fingers, a foundation brush, or a sponge, depending on your preferences. It’s not easy finding the perfect foundation, but when you do find it, stick to it. After applying foundation, you should conceal any blemishes or dark circles that you might have with a concealer. It should also match your skin colour and you should use just a dab of it. Most women prefer dabbing it with their middle finger for the best blend. 

Focus on eyes

When you have done all of the above, it’s time to move to the eyes. You can opt for a bolder eye or lip look, but certainly not both of them.

Shape your brows

Before focusing on eyes, we should also concentrate on our brows as they are an important facial feature that shapes our face. For starters, you should make sure there aren’t any excess hairs. Then, you should fill them in with some brow product such as pomade, gel, or pencil that is a perfect match to your brow colour. Many women nowadays decide to go for a cosmetic eyebrow tattoo as it saves them the trouble of having to do their brows every day, which is a plausible semi-permanent option you should definitely consider. 

Use an eyeshadow primer

The next step is focusing on the eyes and applying an eyeshadow primer. It is necessary as it helps even out your eyelids and it helps your eye makeup last longer. You should apply a thin layer, best with your fingers. Let it sit for a minute and then move on to applying eyeshadow. 

Choose colours and apply eye shadow

Having in mind your overall outfit and look, you should choose matching colours. There are numerous colour combinations available. For a more formal occasion, it is best to stick to some classics such as black, grey and brown. A fun event, on the other hand, allows a bit of shimmer. If you aren’t sure about the colours, you could try them out before the big event. Every eye colour has some eyeshadow colours that make those eyes pop, find out which colours work for you.

Finish off with eyeliner and mascara 

You can highlight your eyes with some eyeliner with a popular cat-eye look. You can use a liquid or pencil eyeliner, whichever is better for you. The line should start from the inner corner of your eye moving to the outer corner, following the eyelid, with a slightly upward trend. For a more dramatic look, you should extend your eyeliner past the corner of your eye. And the last step when it comes to eyes is applying waterproof mascara on your lashes. 

Don’t forget the final touches

There are a few more final touches we shouldn’t overlook for perfect makeup. 

Apply bronzer, blush and highlighter

Don’t forget to apply a bronzer to contour your face. Add some colour to your face with a pop of blush on your cheeks and finish off with some highlighter above the blush. This will get you a glowy look. 

Accentuate lips

If you went for a dramatic eye look, then you should tone down the colour of your lips and use some neutral shades such as nude, soft peach, or pink. Put on some lip balm, use a matching lip pencil and only then apply the lipstick for the perfect pout. On the other hand, if you wish to put focus on your lips, go for bold colours such as rich reds and deep purples. 

Set your makeup

Finally, when you’ve done all of this it’s time for the very last step – the setting spray. Remember to use it, it will fixate your makeup and prevent it from smearing.

Getting ready for a fancy event is quite exciting, from the choice of clothes, shoes, accessories all the way to applying makeup. 

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