Importance of an Optometrist than an Ophthalmologist

Importance of an Optometrist than an Ophthalmologist

You need an optometrist in many cases and need the best because this is the question of your beautiful and precious eyes. An Optometrist is nothing but who monitors the problem in the eyesight and provide medication accordingly. The Best Optometrist will provide contact lens and give treatment for the dry-eye and many more eyesight problems. They mostly don’t involve in the surgery since they are not doctors by profession. They will direct the patients to the ophthalmologists if the patients have more complications. So, Pick out the best one.


Nowadays people around the world facing so many problems in their vision because of the advancement in technology. Technology growth makes us rich economical wise but as far as our health is concerned we are going downwards. People are not aware of it. Most of the private oriented jobs are fully based on the internet. People work either with PC or with a laptop and in some companies, people work in smartphones due to cost-cutting without considering people’s health. Smartphones are becoming one of the important needs of the people. Because even a small kid is attracted to smartphones. Kids don’t even eat without looking into the rhymes in the smartphones.

Nearly 9 to 10 hours we are continuously watching the computer and the radiation emitted from it will gradually make our vision blur and sooner there is a big chance of losing our eyesight. The ratio of the people affected by the eyesight problem is high when compared to the other diseases. Even a small kid wear power glasses in this generation. Eyesight problem is the one which we should take it very seriously. We have to look into it very seriously and get advice from an optometrist or ophthalmologist and live accordingly.

Need for an Optometrist

An Optometrist is the one who will look into our eyes and provide power glasses and give medications accordingly. They are not a doctor but you can get general advice from them if you don’t have any major problems. If there are any serious complications then an optometrist will direct the patients to the ophthalmologists. In Melbourne, there are so many optometrists available. But in A+ optometry ocular care, there is a number of qualified optometrists available. The only thing is you have to choose a good one among them.

One big difference between an optometrist and ophthalmologist is both have good knowledge about the eyesight. An Optometrist is not a doctor but ophthalmologist is a doctor. Surgery will be handled by the ophthalmologist. They are primary health care practitioners and they will work in hospitals, clinic, and laboratories. An Optometrist will take care of the dry eye treatment, provide contact lens, and give proper medications for the concerned problem. People, not every time go to an ophthalmologist. An Optometrist will create awareness to the people regarding the eyesight problems. And proper counseling will be given on a periodical basis.

Reasons for Eyesight problem listed by an optometrist

The main reason is due to increased tear evaporation. This shows that you are seriously concentrating on reading, watching TV, computers, etc. This is one of the common reasons for wearing spectacles.

Aging factor is also one of the common factors of the eyesight problem. If a person crosses 50 then there is more chance of getting this problem. That too if a concerned person is using spectacles then the risk factor is high.

Don’t be in the Air-conditioned rooms for more hours and also while riding a motorbike for longer distances.

Eating a diet which is very low in Vitamin A.

It is often affected by Women because they will take more pills during pregnancy, menopause, birth control pills, etc. Due to these reasons, people will face dry eye problems.

Symptoms of wearing a contact lens

1. Difficult to drive bike during night time
2. Watery eyes .i.e. often water will run down from our eyes like tears.
3. Blurred vision
4. Very sensitive to light
5. Eyes will become red often
6. More frequent eye infection


Preventive measures listed by an optometrist

1. We have a proverb called Prevention is better than cure. Based on this proverb, I am here to help you with some of the points regarding the preventive measures. Follow these regularly, so that you will not have eyesight problems.

2. Avoid blowing the air directly to the eyes.

3. Avoid being in the air-conditioned rooms for more hours. If the situation happens, then refresh yourself with pouring the water to your eyes often. So the moisture content will be retained.

4. Always wear sunglasses while riding the bike. It will protect us from dry air and wind. If the wind is blowing with more force then the water content will be removed from our eyes.

5. If you are working on the computer or reading books for more number of hours then take a break in between and do some eye exercises. Because the pressure is developed within the eyes if you open your eyes for more number of hours with less number of blinks.

6. Place your computer screen below your eyesight/ eye level. If the computer screen is placed straight to your eyesight then you will open your eyes wider then the risk factor is high.

7. At high altitudes and in desert areas the moisture content will be less. So be conscious of the environment.

8. Stop smoking because it will worsen the symptoms of dry eyes.

9. It is actually good for the eyes if you cry regularly. If you don’t feel crying then you can use artificial tears.

So far you have seen the symptoms, the reason for the eyesight problem and the preventive measures.

How to contact an optometrist

You can book an appointment to an optometrist if you have the symptoms of dry eyes/ painful eyes/ if you feel very tired. Some of you would feel like your vision is getting blocked by some hindrance/ block then you can immediately approach our optometrist. We A+ Optometry providing 24*7 service for the people.

We have the efficient optometrist team to give instant satisfaction to the people. You can book your appointment via mobile phones easily. You can visit anytime on our website and also to our place without any trouble. Our medications will be very powerful and mostly we will try to cure naturally. In Melbourne, we have got a good name from the people. Try visiting our ocular care and get benefitted.
Try visiting our care and get benefitted.

The A+ Optometry is best when compared to others in Melbourne. We are available 24/7 so you can book an optometrist at any time. A number of people get benefitted by our treatment and the problem had been cured permanently. We work fully for patient satisfaction.

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