Important Things to Know About IPL Laser Hair Removal

Important Things to Know About IPL Laser Hair Removal

IPL laser hair removal, whether at home or a clinic is not like your regular skincare routine. This means it isn’t something that you can just wake up and go for. You have to consider quite a few important factors first and ensure that you use safe hair removal products only. By doing so, you make certain that the money spent on laser hair removal products and treatment is worth it. Plus, you allow your skin to stay smooth and glowing as ever.

Have you been dreaming of smooth skin with hair removal treatment? Then you should be ready for it. From shaving to before and after the treatment precautions, there are some common yet forgettable facts to know. In case, you aren’t aware of them, you are in the right place.

Here, we will list down these important things to know about your permanent hair removal solution. Go through these and carry out your treatment effectively without any risk.

• Shave Before the Treatment

Before you go ahead and throw away your razors excited for your laser treatment, hold on for a while. You must be aware that you will need to shave prior to the procedure. The laser treatment is such that it targets the hair follicle down at the skin’s root. Having long or even medium-sized hair will only get in the way of the treatment and affect its effectiveness.

Now, remember removing hair for the treatment is only limited to shaving. Do not go ahead and wax your hair. This will put out the hair roots which is not going to help with the treatment. For your sensitive skin hair removal, the laser device needs to target your hair roots only.

• Avoid Using any Skincare Product

If you are wearing makeup or are covered in oil and moisturizer, don’t get through with laser hair removal. The day you have decided to get a hair removal procedure done, avoid cosmetics. It is done mainly as a precautionary step to prevent any sort of risk like discoloration. When you have applied different products on your skin and go for IPL laser hair removal, you could have reactions.

Whereas on clean and washed skin, you are more likely to make the most of your permanent hair removal solution. Not just for that particular day, it is better to lessen or completely stopping using these products for 2,3 weeks before removing hair from your body parts with laser forever.

• Your Chosen Laser Hair Removal Device Matters

The success and long-term benefits of laser hair removal at home will depend on how safe your hair removal products are. Just because there are different online providers for the same, doesn’t mean you get the device blindly from any store. Make sure that the product you choose is offered by a good-quality and well-established store.

These are sensitive treatments and shouldn’t be taken lightly. So, never try to save money by buying a rather low-quality IPL laser hair removal device cheaply. Even if you have to pay a little more than you expected on the device, do it. It will at least help you get rid of unwanted hair once and for all.

• Know If the Treatment is For You

Laser permanent hair removal solution can be obtained by anyone with hair problems. However, it is said that laser hair removal treatment works best on light and dark hair. This means for those with red, blonde, grey, and even white hair it could be less beneficial. You surely are wondering why is that? Well, it is because the laser beam tends to target the hair’s pigment.

The significant advancement in technology has made laser hair removal possible for all types of hair. Although this will again very much rely on your hair removal device. Once you have found a good device, you can also consult your doctor to determine how effective IPL laser hair removal can be for your hair.


These given points are just a few of the many important factors that play a huge role in helping you go through laser hair removal treatment successfully. As far as the ideal device for it is concerned, visit Silky My Skin. They have the perfect home hair removal handset for you.

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