Laser Hair Removal: Everything You Need to Know

Laser Hair Removal: Everything You Need to Know

Excessive unwanted hair on any body part can be frustrating for women and men. They not only look bad but also cause irritation that can lead to skin-related problems. Fortunately, laser hair removal Dubai can take care of unwanted hair from any body part. It helps eliminate unwanted hair and allows us to say goodbye to waxing and shaving for a long time.

These treatments are for men and women alike. Laser hair removal for men in Dubai is becoming popular among men with excessive chest and body hair. So, men and women can benefit from laser hair removal alike.

But, before undergoing any cosmetic treatment, it’s better to research about it. The more we understand any treatment, the more we are prepared for it. Therefore, we have compiled a list of everything you need to know about laser hair removal Dubai.

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Tips to Keep in Mind Before Laser Hair Removal Dubai

Below, we have shared some useful tips about laser hair removal treatments. Read on to find out everything about these treatments.

1.Shaving Before the Treatment

If you are going for laser hair removal for men in Dubai, don’t go without shaving. Before undergoing a laser treatment, you must shave off the excessive hair. However, this isn’t limited to men; women must also shave at least 24 hours before their appointment.

The reason for this is to save time as well as minimize discomfort. Moreover, if you’re getting a laser hair removal for your delicate parts, it will help you avoid any additional embarrassment.

The practitioners will clean up the entire area before starting laser treatment. It is better to give them a head start by going in with the shaved body parts.

2.No Tweezing or Waxing

Remember, shaving is not the same as waxing or tweezing. So, don’t tweeze or wax the parts where you have to get the laser.

In laser hair removal Dubai, the laser targets the hair follicle’s pigment. Due to waxing or tweezing, the pigment doesn’t remain visible to the laser beams. As a result, the results of the laser treatment will not be as fruitful as expected.

3.Wipe Off All Makeup

For all types of laser treatments in Dubai, patients must wipe off all makeup from their faces (if they undergo facial hair removal). If you don’t feel comfortable leaving the house without makeup, ask your practitioner for an alcohol pad to remove it.

Your practitioner must ask you if you have any makeup on. Be honest with them to avoid embarrassing situations afterward (because they will cleanse your face right before shooting lasers). Moreover, the doctor doesn’t ask you to come with a makeup-free face to embarrass you. They do it to avoid harming your skin because makeup products can react with laser beams and burn your skin.

4.Choose Only an Expert Professional

Many doctors, dermatologists, salons, spas, and clinics offer laser treatments in Dubai. Apart from them, some amateurs also offer such cosmetic treatments at cheaper rates.

Don’t be fooled by their low prices. Laser hair removal is a risky procedure that requires skill and precision. Due to somebody’s carelessness, you can end up with a burnt or hypopigmented skin. Sometimes the case is so severe that it takes months before your skin returns to its normal appearance.

So, to save a few bucks, don’t compromise on the practitioner’s expertise. This way, you may save some amount but end up spending more in the long run.

5.Don’t Keep Anything from the Doctor

Your doctor is your best friend when it comes to laser hair removal. Be open and straightforward about whatever they ask related to your medical condition. Tell them about your allergies or if you have any reactions towards anything. Moreover, if you are taking any medications, inform your doctor, too.

Being honest about such details with your practitioner can help you avoid any risks and complications.

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6.The Procedure Hurts

We are not gonna lie: laser hair removal hurts.

The laser beams are hot and sharp. Some people say they feel like rubber bands hitting against the skin. However, the intensity of pain is different in different body parts. It hurts the most where the hair is thick – underarms, lower legs, etc. It also hurts more on the body parts that are sensitive, like the upper lip region.

Although the procedure hurts a little, it will save you from the pain of waxing for a long time.

7.Swelling is Common

One of the most common side effects of laser treatments is swelling. So, don’t worry if you feel like you have been stung by a hundred bees.

If the treatment goes successful, you may experience swelling, itching, redness, and stinging for up to 48 hours.

8. Don’t Keep Unrealistic Expectations

Cosmetic treatments cannot perform miracles. Laser hair removal is also a cosmetic procedure, so patients must keep realistic expectations from this treatment.

If a patient has thick, rough, and coarse hair, it may take more than 4 sessions to resolve completely. Similarly, delicate and extremely thin hair may also require more than one session as they are harder to remove with a laser.

So, be patient and wait for the results to become noticeable.

9.Stay Outta Sun

When your doctor says you should avoid sun exposure for at least 2 weeks, listen to him/her. Being in the sun can make your skin grow darker than your natural skin color. It is not recommended because of the increased risk of adverse reactions like burns and hypopigmentation. So, avoid sun exposure as much as possible.

10.It’s not Cheap

The laser hair removal Dubai is not a cheap treatment. It doesn’t only require money but also your time and energy. You may not get the desired results within a single session. Most people need four to six sessions before they come closer to their desired results.

So, before you start the treatment, discuss these details with your practitioner to avoid any inconvenience afterward.

The Bottom Line

Laser treatments in Dubai are becoming popular day by day because of their extraordinary results. Laser hair removal for men in Dubai is just as common as it is for women. So, given the success rate of laser hair removal, we can say that it is a fantastic treatment. However, if you are considering this treatment, don’t compromise on the practitioner’s expertise. It will save you from any mishaps.

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