Top 3 Skincare Products You Need Before Laser Skin Rejuvenation Procedure

Top 3 Skincare Products You Need Before Laser Skin Rejuvenation Procedure

Laser Skin Resurfacing is an anti-aging miracle. It is proven to help with different aspects of aging. In addition to reversing the signs of aging, it helps improve the overall health of your skin as well. However, the success of laser skin treatment depends on a number of factors. A healthy skin care routine before the procedure is one such factor.

Here is the skincare routine that you should follow before your appointment for laser skin rejuvenation to optimize your chances to succeed.

Top Three Skincare Products Recommended By Dermatologists

Here are the top skincare products that dermatologists recommend before non-ablative skincare laser therapy.

1: Vitamin C-Based Skincare Products

Suzanne Kilmer Associate Clinical Professor, Department of Dermatology, University of California recommends vitamin C-based skincare products before non-ablative laser therapy. These products can include creams, moisturizers, and vitamin C-based facial scrubs. Vitamin C can help your skin before the laser procedure in many various ways.

Vitamin C activates the enzymes in your skin that are responsible for the production of collagen. Collagen is the same protein that gives a youthful look to your skin. Pre-treatment with vitamin C not only increases the production of collagen but also makes your skin more receptive to the collagen-boosting effects of laser therapy. Also, vitamin C based products help rejuvenate the skin as well. Vitamin C helps clear away the old skin layers for them to be replaced by newer skin layers. This, again, helps potentiate the effects of laser therapy on your skin.

Vitamin C based products can open-up the blocked skin pores and add to your skin health. This is crucial before you go under the laser. Vitamin C also reduces the activity of melanin-producing cells in your skin. If the purpose of the laser you are having is skin whitening, vitamin C can help you achieve a lighter and more even skin tone.

The use of vitamin C is generally good for your skin health as it has potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. This can help keep your skin smooth, blemish-free, and supple long after the laser procedure. Finally, vitamin C is also going to help reduce the redness and inflammation following the laser procedure.

2: A Potent UV Sunblock

Another thing that you should do is avoiding excessive sun exposure. Excessive sun exposure can make you prone to sunburns, increases the risk of uneven skin pigmentation, and heightens the amount of unwanted skin oxidative stress and inflammation. In addition to avoiding unnecessary skin exposure and covering your skin, you can also try applying a sunblock of higher SPF values.

Dermatologists usually recommend a sunblock of an SPF value of 50 or higher. You should apply the sunblock whenever you are going out or are going to get involved in activities involving sun exposure. Not to mention, you should avoid tanning sessions or the use of other tanning products.

It is important that you use a high SPF sunscreen that actually suits your skin. Make sure you read through the ingredients so to avoid unnecessary chemicals and allergens. You should also make sure the pH of the sunblock you are using is compatible with your skin pH.

3: A Skin Moisturizer

Another thing you should start using several weeks before the laser therapy procedure is a good quality skin moisturizer. This is important for several reasons. Skin moisturizer helps your skin retain water. This makes your skin more elastic and more resistant to the effects of environmental toxins and UV rays.

Moreover, a good moisturizer routine can also help stimulate the development of collagen in your skin. This feature helps you reap the maximum benefits of laser therapy. Finally, a well-maintained and well-moisturized skin performs better at withstanding the side effects normally encountered following laser therapy. These include reduced skin inflammation, redness, and pain.

General Tips

In addition to using the above-mentioned products, the following are some skincare tips you should follow before a laser skin therapy session.

Avoid unnecessary makeup generally and more so a few days prior to the treatment session. Unnecessary makeup leads to blocked skin pores and irritated skin, which can reduce the effectiveness of the procedure.

Retinoids are good for skin as they reduce the incidence of inflammation-related skin conditions. However, you should ask the healthcare professional performing your laser sessions beforehand about using retinoids. Generally, you should stop using them at least 2 weeks prior to the procedure.

Keep hydrated as it will improve your skin health and increase the chances of a successful therapy session.

Before using any skincare product, do consult with your healthcare professional if that kind of product is permissible to have before a laser therapy session.

To conclude, a best collagen supplement for sagging skin regimen is crucial if you want to make a laser skin therapy successful. Book a consultation with a specialist and ask any concerns or questions you have before you go under the laser.

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