How a Non-Invasive Double Chin Reduction Treatment Gives You Results?

How a Non-Invasive Double Chin Reduction Treatment Gives You Results?

How adorable a baby with a double chin and the smile makes you fall for it! But looking at your double chin in the mirror can leave you feeling frustrated and wondering what you can do to get rid of it. Besides exercising and practicing a method of squeezing a ball under your chin- mostly ineffective method of chin-sculpting- there wasn’t much you can do about a double chin removal for men or/and women in the past unless you know about the double chin treatment.

It has a lot to do with genetics and if your double chin is due to genetics, there is a very little you can do on your own to reduce it without a strategic cosmetic procedure. Weight gain is another factor behind a double chin.  In such cases, diet and exercise can help to some extent to reduce your double chin. However, this is a challenging part to specifically target, so while with the weight loss, your double chin may not reduce as quickly.

Spot Fat Reduction

For spot fat reduction of the chin, there are non-invasive treatments available. Non-invasive or minimally invasive treatments are usually preferred as they come with fewer risks. Facial liposuction is considered the best double chin removal non-surgical option.

This is a clinical procedure done under local anaesthesia and often takes 30-60 minutes. The professionals with expertise in this field are the only person to be trusted. The treatment is performed using a 1444nm laser wavelength which is absorbed by water and fat tissue. The laser will effectively break down fat cells and then absorb it using a micro-tube called a cannula. Once it is done, the end result gives the face a more detailed and well-defined chin and, consequently, a younger look.

Double Chin Removal Non-Surgical Options

Double Chin Removal Non-Surgical options include Cryosculpting where specialized attachments are made to the Cryosculpting machine that freezes the fat under the chin skin. The frozen fat is then massaged. Over a few sessions and period of time, the fat is eliminated by the body leading to a significant reduction of the double chin.

  • Double Chin Reduction by Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy involves injecting the body with special solutions that cut the fat. This leads to a reduction in fat levels of the area, giving a flatter contour to the body part. Mesotherapy can be used to reduce double chins but should be administered by a certified skin doctor in clinical settings as mishandling can lead to unpleasant side effects and reactions.

  • Is Double Chin Treatment Effective?

Most adults who undergo double chin reduction process, have found the non-surgical methods to be preferable since the risk of side effect and downtime is minimal. Immediately following an appointment for the process, you may experience minor swelling, bruising, or numbness under your chin, but these would subside without issue. And non-surgical methods don’t pose the risks that come with cosmetic surgery.

If you’re one who feels embarrassed or bothered by sub mental fullness, but you’re not ready for a surgical procedure, non-surgical spot fat reduction could be the answer you’ve been searching for. You may start to notice fat reduction six weeks after treatment, with possible results visible after 12 weeks. Because the targeted fat cells can’t regenerate, they become permanently eliminated ensuring double chin removal without going under the knife.

The process is effective but the desired result can be visible anywhere from 1-3 treatments. Additional treatments must be scheduled six weeks apart.

Best Skin Clinic for Double Chin Removal

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