Perks of Scalp Micropigmentation

Perks of Scalp Micropigmentation

Hair treatment techniques require a mammoth task of high maintenance due to which a lot of people tend to avoid it. The false commitments which they promote adds to their criticism by individuals. Side effects, duration of the procedure, and the uncertain results make it difficult to gain public faith in such treatment.

However, due to various developments, many new practices have evolved, and one of them is SMP. Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is more than an ordinary hair or scalp tattoo technique to conceal scars.

It is a new non-surgical hair loss treatment that is gaining popularity due to its natural methods and astonishing results. Initially, hair tattoos were used to darken the scalp to lessen the contrast. Statistics show that the hair loss autoimmune disease, commonly called alopecia areata affects around 147 million people worldwide. As many people fear hair transplants due to its side effects, the best alternative for your receding mane is to get an SMP hairline.

How is SMP different from ordinary hair transplants?

SMP is a novel cosmetic approach to correct the deformities and to standardize the scalp. SMP treatment consists of two or three sessions depending upon the customers’ pain tolerance. Each treatment is three or four hours long. It usually lasts for eight years, which is worth its cost, ranging between $400 and $1000. Thus it would not be wrong to conclude that the SMP functions as a permanent concealer. Technically this approach is not a tattoo as it does not involve the complex instruments such as thick needles.

The affordability of Scalp Micropigmentation, its zero maintenance cost after the treatment, and virtually no recovery time, makes it more beneficial. It is also a significant technique in removing birthmarks or any burns. Scalp Micropigmentation Practitioners (SMPP) affiliated members sign a Code of Conduct agreeing to abide by the technique’s professional standards.

It is to ensure that if a male or female suffers hair loss or scarring alopecias, SMP would be considered a ‘legitimate medical procedure.’ Thus, people undergoing such a treatment have a benefit of legal backing as well! SMP is a specialized form of tattoo that offers a wide variety of pathologies.

Features of SMP

There is no risk involved in the treatment, such as infection or local pain in the treated area. It is a drug-free and instant result provider technique. The healing of the infected area in the treatment usually occurs between two or four days. Another key feature of the method is that a person does have to not come along with many conditions. Any person, irrespective of gender, health issues, immunity disorders, or hormonal imbalance, can undergo or opt for this treatment without any second thoughts. Furthermore, it gives 100 percent results.

Practitioners of the so-called Micropigmentation Tattoo or Semi-tattoo technique ensure and fulfill the results that are expected by consumers. This natural hairline technique is now available in almost all the professional salons. There is no recurring cost involved in the treatment.

All that is needed to be ensured is to apply post-treatment gel, which is recommended by the Scalp Micropigmentation practitioners. A beautiful thing about the technique is it makes it look ‘all-natural’ by matching your skin color or pigmenting your hair color.


It would not be wrong to conclude that SMP is a fantastic approach to remove baldness, burns, scars, or birthmarks, considering the cost-benefit analysis. What adds to its specialty is its affordability, guaranteed results, and suitability. It costs about nearly one-third less than any other surgical method, which comes with their complexities due to the heavy instruments involved. The Scalp Micropigmentation technique is one of the emerging reputable SMP hair tattoo approaches.

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