COVID – 19 Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation for Physical and Mental Health

COVID – 19 Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation for Physical and Mental Health

Where almost everyone is getting full recovery from COVID-19 pandemic, a few of them are also facing complications after recovery. Professional physical therapy teams focus on helping people regain their physical strength and reduce complications.

The virus SARS-CoV-2, which spreads easily from person to person, causes COVID-19, symptoms range from mild to severe, though not everyone develops any. 

People who experience severe or debilitating pain and discomfort due to covid may need support  to recover from:

  • Occupational Therapy
  • Cognitive Rehabilitation
  • Mention Health Support

These all health treatments are effectively covered in physical treatment solutions. 

This article explores who some people may need rehabilitation after COVID-19, & how online physiotherapy care can help them to get rid of post covid symptoms. 

Who May Need Rehabilitation After Covid – 19?

COVID-19 can affect the body in a variety of ways, approx, 81% of patients suffer from post COVID symptoms like mild to moderate illness, fatigue, sudden unconsciousness, etc. another 14% of patients develop severe symptoms that can last a few weeks or months after getting initial infections.

According to World Health Organization (WHO) the aftereffects that require physical therapy and rehabilitation to manage after effects of COVID – 19 include:

  • Lung damage
  • Heart Damage, or Inflammation
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Memory loss
  • Blood vessels conditions like clotting
  • Stroke 
  • Muscle or joint pain
  • Chronic Fatigue

People who require ventilation while they have COVID-19 symptoms may experience further complications, such as heart injury, fatigue, etc. die to this, they have to stay in an ICU for prolonged rest.

Physical therapy and rehabilitation can help people recovering from COVID – 19 and its long effects.

Physical Rehabilitation

Some people who recover from COVID-19 may need physical rehabilitation to stay active and healthy after getting infected from post covid symptoms. Physical rehabilitation helps them to resume normal activities after staying in the hospital, or following periods of prolonged isolation. 

Physical therapy can help those with decreased strength begin to move more, gradually building up their stamina and strengthening the muscles. Physical therapy is helpful in offering the following things to recover COVID symptoms.

Physical therapists achieve this depending on the person’s unique circumstances and stage of recovery. If they are still hospitalized, this can include:

  • PT helps patients to change and move their bed positions
  • Helping patients practice walking without aid
  • Performing passive physical exercises like heat and ice therapy, ultrasound, etc. to improve joint motion, muscle stress, balance issues, etc. 
  • Help people practice moving without aid. 

If patients are isolated, PT experts also help by recommending them better exercises and techniques to become active & healthy.

  • Aerobic exercises that people can do round the clock at their home, such as walking, balancing movement, etc. 
  • Low-intensity resistance training, such as squats, planks, burpees, etc. 
  • Muscle strengthening exercises.

What to Expect

Begin, you take a medical consultation related to physical therapy, it is crucial to understand that PT should be part of the plan of care for individuals with COVID-19. Therefore it is essential to advocate for physical therapy services if you or your loved ones has been diagnosed with the disease. 

Physical therapy techniques can help patients to be encouraged to work on movement, balance improvement, postural habit improvement, etc. PT helps them to remove irritating elements for health and promote more efficient breathing. 

But it is necessary to check and observe your patient, if he/she has a fever higher than 100.4° F, PT cannot be performed in that case. For more knowledge and information, you may consult experienced and professional physical therapist teams to get better results and relief from post-covid symptoms. 

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