Say Hello to the Easy Microdermabrasion Scrub Procedure at Home

Say Hello to the Easy Microdermabrasion Scrub Procedure at Home

What is a microdermabrasion procedure? It is a treatment that dermatologists provide for a smooth and polished skin by exfoliating dead and dull skin cells and bringing back that youthful glow and much needed skin boost. This is a medical treatment and often, busy lives don’t allow us to go for it. So we have got you a microdermabrasion scrub that has the same medical effect but in an eased out form.

At a fraction of cost, touch microdermabrasion can be carried in the comforts of your home. With the same effects of face microdermabrasion scrub treatment provided by dermatologists in the clinic, this is an easy way to polish your skin and get that beautiful glow that you are always looking for and wishing for. This microdermabrasion facial takes care of the facial process too easily and makes your face as you would have wanted.

Exfoliation is of utmost significance in your skin care routine for maintaining that youthful glow and radiance as it does away with the dull layers of the skin. This microdermabrasion facial scrub has a lot of plus points. It actually fights dull skin, acne, anti-aging, uneven skin tone & texture, scars, blemishes, hyperpigmentation, blackheads, & fine wrinkles and other such skin woes that acts as a hindrance in getting the best skin that is smooth and glowing as well as brightened and lovely.

Our exclusive touch microdermabrasion is formulated as an exfoliating cream that is non comedogenic and doesn’t clog pores. How do we say it is a medical degree treatment? Usually, dermatologists and medical officers use some skin care crystals called Alumina to get the desired results. This microdermabrasion scrub also uses the same crystals and then combines these alumina crystals in a smooth, hydrating cream form and that too in the right size grits to ensure the desired professional like results at home.

A lot of alumina crystals are needed for exfoliating for this process and we ensure to put a lot of it in this cream to give you the best results. This scrub works efficiently to exfoliate dull skin layers and dead skin cells and reveal bright, smooth, and radiant skin. It also cleanses pores and prevents blackheads. Also, with this scrub, you can fight against blemishes, acne scars, fine wrinkles and other skin woes.

This scrub actually enhances absorption of other products and boosts your skin health and skin elasticity. What else? Hydration, healing, and everything that is achieved in a professional treatment is available in this daily cream. You can find further about this exfoliating scrub at

Directions to use – Gently massage cream to your clean and damp face for 1-2 minutes and then rinse and pat dry! Use it twice a week for the most amazing results. It is suitable for all skin types as it is dermatologically tested. Leave all your skin complaints behind and also stop blaming time for not being able to do that professional treatment.

Start using this microdermabrasion scrub and voila! Your skin will glow like never before and become absolutely beautiful! You’ll actually love it!

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