Skincare During Lockdown: Five Tips On How To Maintain Healthy Skin While Staying Indoors

Skincare During Lockdown: Five Tips On How To Maintain Healthy Skin While Staying Indoors
The whole globe has become a difficult place to live in right now.  A daily routine of most people has been changed, house duties have been increased, work has been considered as a new normal, and food habits are also not the same now, which impact our body, mind as well as a skin condition. Lockdown is not an easy time to go through, but you would probably agree that accepting this situation and complying with the social distancing rules and mobility restrictions are the best-case scenario. Since the majority of people are off make-up and giving their skin a break, basic skincare fades into the background. As a result, achieving beautiful glowy skin while staying indoors is sometimes easier said than done. Luckily, social distancing also means you have a great opportunity to slow down, check-in with yourselves, and get up close and personal with your skincare regimen. Here are a few tips to help keep you on track, take care of your skin, and get that glow back even during the lockdown.

Stick To Your Cleansing Routine

Even if you aren’t wearing make-up throughout the day, it’s essential to keep up with your regular cleansing routine, every morning and evening as you usually do. You need to clean skin twice per day to remove foreign particles after wearing a face mask, sebum production, sweat, indoor pollution, and other irritants that skin is exposed to 24/7.
Morning cleansing also helps to remove nighttime skincare products and irritants that build up on your pillowcase. Make sure to choose a cleanser that balances the pH of your skin and restores the moisture to keep the skin barrier in good form, and use a concentrated serum and moisturise your skin on a daily basis. In case you are running out of a cleanser during a lockdown, try to make chamomile tea. You will need two cups of boiled water and a teabag of chamomile tea. Soak a facecloth in your tea and then apply it to your face for up to 3 minutes. Your skin will feel fresh and supple due to antioxidant, healing, cleansing, and moisturising properties of chamomile.

Keep Using Sunblock

Whether you are staying at home within a day or going outdoors once or twice, it’s crucial to continue to use sunscreen. Harmful UVA rays are present all year round and cause premature ageing, even if you are sitting next to a window and enjoying the sunshine. Keep wearing a UVA/UVB sunscreen on your face, ­preferably an SPF 50. Use an SPF with a blue light filter as it protects your skin from some of the harmful rays emitted by laptops and TV screens, which is valuable for each person but particularly important for people that suffer from pigmentation. When applying sunscreen, make it like any other step of your skincare routine by mixing a small amount with your moisturiser in the palm of your hand. Reapply sunscreen cream several times within the day to avoid tight and dry skin, especially if you are subjected to increased sweating.

Opt For Natural Ingredients

A good idea to use lockdown and extra time as an opportunity to start doing at-home facials using all-natural ingredients. The experience of many people has provided us with a large number of recipes for lotions, acne masks, and compressors for problem skin, which can easily be found on the Internet. Thousands of herbs and their broths, clay, honey, various fruits, and vegetables will help restore the health of the skin, remove inflammation and black spots. Folk remedies are suitable that they can and should be combined with other methods of treatment, which increases the effectiveness of both approaches. Be sure to practice a five-minute facial massage with your favourite oil, massage roller, or even a mask to give your complexion a boost. For instance, applying coconut face oil will soften and smooth the skin, giving it a smooth and velvety look. It also has a toning and moisturising effect and reduces inflammation of the surface many times over. Coconut oil is also used to fight scars; they become less painful and will disappear over time. We also recommend using natural alternatives such as CBD. The oil that contains CBD is an excellent help in the treatment of various skin diseases and skin problems such as acne, eczema, hives, psoriasis, and others. It’s not only rich in active ingredients but also generally safe for all skin types. CBD oil is known to help in cleaning and moisturising the skin, soothing irritated skin, protecting against damage, smoothing wrinkles, and healing scars. CBD is also available in different product forms such as CBD vape oil, cream, lotion, ointment, face mask, and many others to fulfil the needs of each customer.

Prioritise Healthy Choices

Skincare During Lockdown
Eating healthy always shows your face condition, so make your plate full of fresh vegetables and colourful salads with fewer spices to let your skin glow. Try to refrain from eating processed food, fat, salty, and spicy dishes, which have a negative effect on both body and skin if physical activity is reduced. Give preference to citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits, apples, and pineapples, which are a great source of vitamin C, a nutrient that boosts the immune system and keeps your skin smooth and elastic. To take care of the skin, you also need to add fruits as well in your nutrition plan. You can eat fruits with dishes of your choice or have two fruit between your meals. While shopping for fruits, do not overthink which ones to opt for, simply purchase any seasonal fruit and feast on them. Of course, sometimes you can treat yourself to something delicious, but remember the measure. Be prepared to make changes in your lifestyle, and if necessary, in your diet. Not only can you get rid of excess pounds, but you can also find clean skin.

Move Your Body

Our bodies are energised by indulging in physical activities, which also keeps metabolism healthy and helps in the antioxidants circulation in an organism. On the contrary, lack of exercise can trigger stiffness in the body, which in turn can make the skin dull like never before. To prevent your metabolism from getting affected due to the lack of physical activities, add some exercise in your daily routine. Take the stairs first up, then down, complete an online work-out, include a yoga session, make a jog or power-walk around the block. In case you like to dance, simply turn on a perfect music playlist and hold a mini-dance party. Regular physical activity is vital, even if it’s just a short break for stretching, a quick walk, or some sort of movement. Choose a suitable activity and indulge for up to 30 minutes every day to sustain good physical and mental health as well as a great skin condition. Self-care has never been so important and well deserved! Therefore try to use the time while you stay at home to prioritise your skincare, and your skin will thank you for it. That means appreciating little pick-me-ups and skincare products and paying attention to sleep, exercise, diet, and water intake. Focus on sticking to essential routine actions or making small changes that make you feel good and in turn, make you look good.

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