The Top Physical Therapy Methods Explained

The Top Physical Therapy Methods Explained

Great physical therapy professionals always consider looking for completely new methods that will effectively increase the efficiency of the clinic and improve outcomes.

An expert physical therapist makes use of many different methods which include cutting-edge modalities, traditional exercises, and a lot more. So, the best physical therapy methods are those which help to make them and also their patients happy and satisfied.

Here, you will find a detailed explanation of some of the tips and best physical therapy methods that are mostly used in practice.

· Therapeutic Exercise

Almost every physical therapist uses this method for treating chronic orthopedic and subacute conditions.

Whenever joints, muscles, and connective tissues of any individual have been torn or broken, then therapeutic exercise tends to play a very important role in treating this condition.

As it involves strengthening exercises and progressive range of motion and so, it promotes faster healing.

Specifically, in the outpatient setting, a very important role is played by a physical therapist. They prescribe, dose, and monitor exercises to stimulate recovery. But, they also make sure that the exercise does not harm the patient.

· Manual Therapy

This particular method is considered to be very useful for a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions. You can perform this manual therapy along with exercise.

For those patients who are suffering from chronic pain as well as acute injuries, this can be a cost-effective way to provide relief. It also prepares their body for more intensive treatments in the same session.

Generally, skilled hand movements are also involved in manual therapy which helps in the mobilization of tissues. In turn, this helps to increase the range of motion, reduce pain, and effectively decrease inflammation.

Some of the most extensively used manual therapies include stretches, manipulations, and joint mobilizations. All of these are usually done to prepare an individual for exercise.

· Patient Education

Patients only focus on spending a few hours every week in therapy. But, many of the injuries usually persist due to poor body mechanics or overuse. Here comes the role of a physical therapist.

They always focus on creating long-term and efficient solutions for the patients. They also teach them the root causes of their disorders. Other than that, they also help them to effectively change their day-to-day movement patterns.

Patient education may specifically include gait training, postural correction, instructions for ADLs, and fall prevention. Physical therapists may also suggest adjustments that tend to provide a high degree of functions to patients with physical jobs and athletes.

· Electrical Stimulation

This is considered to be an effective go-to treatment for restoring muscular function in those who have experienced traumatic injuries. So, electric stimulation can be an effective way to streamline a PT practice.

· Soft Tissue Mobilization

STM or Soft Tissue Mobilization is a type of manual therapy that involves the use of massage along with similar techniques. These techniques help to reduce scar tissue, release adhesions, and relax tendons and muscles.

This method is also very popular among athletes who are experiencing mobility issues. All in all, the STM is a great way to effectively address the contractures which restrict mobility in patients.

· Heat And Ice

Both heat and ice are the two most effective physical therapy methods. This method is considered to be very effective in lower back pain, acute inflammation, and arthritis. Other than that, they can also effectively address a diverse range of concerns.

A physical therapist frequently uses heat for increasing the mobility of tissue. This helps to reduce pain specifically before exercise. Also, this is followed by ice which reduces both pain and inflammation.

· Light Therapy

If you are suffering from pain in any parts of your body, then LED and other light therapies are proved to be very effective in treating such conditions. This method works by reducing both inflammation and pain.

Also, this helps to speed up the wound healing process along with addressing connective tissue injuries.

Final Thoughts

It can be said that the best physical therapy methods will be those which tend to provide greater satisfaction to the patients. Also, the outcomes provided should be long-lasting. Contact our physical therapy office today

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